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Shanghai Super Classic the First Classic Car Event In Asia Presented Charity Power for culture communication

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Shanghai Super Classic the First Classic Car Event In Asia Presented Charity Power for culture communication

July 17
17:58 2019
Shanghai Super Classic the First Classic Car Event In Asia Presented Charity Power for culture communication

On June 24th, the 40-day classic car cross art event called Shanghai Super Classic showcasing 28 cars with a total value of 30 million dollars successfully held a charity gala in collaboration with the Haikangbei Charity Fund. This closing ceremony received great attention from top-tier guests all over the world. This great ending signals a tremendous improvement of charity and car culture exchange in China. The night was filled with various immersive dance performances and celebrations paying homage to the automobile industry and car culture oversea and domestically.

The exhibition also attracted cultural celebrities, the founder and chairman of Huayi Brothers, Dennis Wang, famous singer Tan Jing, and football star Li Yan, Li Sheng Long.During the 40-day exhibition, SSC received strong support from Government departments, among them are the Minister of Propaganda, Minister of tourism, and even Mayor of Hamburg City in Germany have visited SSC and expressed high praise for their appreciation and affirmation of this exhibition. 

The guest list included representatives from different car manufacturer and economics fields, with notable delegates from the China Disabled Federation, Special Olympics of East Asia, China Financial Information Center, Yamaha Musical Instrument (China) Investment Co. Ltd.,  FACE Fashion Association, and members of the Consulates of Germany, France, and Italy in Shanghai. The event’s theme, “Love” highlighted elements of the Shanghai Super Classic itself with special recognition for the Shanghai Charity Circle for autistic children.

Zhou Yi and Diana Liu, producers and curators of Shanghai Super Classic hosted the gala. With a warm thanks to the guests, they proclaimed the first cross-over exhibition of automobile culture and the arts in Asia a resounding success. While focusing on developing homegrown Chinese car culture, lifestyle, and intellectual property—the SSC organizers also highlighted philanthropic progress via their work with the Shanghai Haikangbei Charity Fund for autistic children.

These collaborations took center stage as children from the “Little Star Art Troupe” presented the SSC Super Classic Awards. Also, the children of the “Star Art Group” and their parents performed the African drum show “My Little Baby” with a separate chorus singing “Listen to Mom”. The children’s two performances were the results of dedication and practice of months or even years.

“Yamaha Future Artist Piano Little Prodigy”  Steven Liu is the future star of Haikangbei “Star Art Troupe”. He performed at the symphony orchestra the famous repertoire “The Memories of Childhood”, “The Wedding in Dreams” and “Romeo and Juliet” for the first time, presenting an audio and visual feast to the guests on the scene. His music allows us to see the unique talent of the children with autism.

As the first international classic car exhibition in Asia, curators Zhou Yi and Diana Liu selected the Shanghai City North Bund Riverview Landmark as a fitting home for the event that kicked off on May 20th—a locale known around the world for its striking cityscape and the 270-degree view of Huangpu River. The SSC exhibition was located across the river from the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Pudong Lujiazui. Standing alongside other famous Bund buildings and architecture, the area forms the “Golden Triangle”, the seat of Shanghai’s economic and historic district. 

Looking back at the opening ceremony, celebrities were a consistent part of the festival. The Olympian Li Ning, dubbed the gymnastics prince in Chinese pop culture, Dr. Jens Puttfarcken, CEO of Porsche China, Li Bin, the founder of Chinese electric car NIO, Zongmin Huang, director of the Sanhe Classic Car Museum, the famous auto media professional “Uncle Svan”, New York’s famous street artist James Goldcrown, and well-known “Chinese National Husband” Sicong Wang were among many that took part during the SSC’s 40-day run. 

The stardom and individuals aside, the success of SSC is widely attributed to the 28 classic cars themselves, representing collections from around the globe and a total value of over 30 million dollars. At the closing ceremony, the SSC issued awards in seven auto categories in appreciation. Among them is the People’s Choice Award which went to the 1976 Lamborghini Countach LP400 Periscopio. At the exhibit, this beautiful car finished in Blu Tahiti set against a pearl white background was crossover with the eye-catching one and only set of 20 year collection of 248 pieces of Supreme skateboards. This got them over 3 million online popular votes to win the award.

The debut exhibition received a myriad of attention from domestic and foreign media. China’s mainstream media Xinhuanet and China News Service made in-depth reports on the exhibition. International media services such as Reuters, along with American press such as ABC likewise covered the event. At the same time, page views from Weibo and Tik Tok exceeded 50 million, and more than 200 million social network page views across overall media platforms.

Shanghai Super Classic founders, special guests, and those in attendance alike consider the event a milestone for the city and country, setting a precedent for what future car cultural exchanges can accomplish. And although the 40-day exhibition just ended, organizers see this as only the beginning for the SSC, taking pride in what they accomplished starting from scratch and looking to build on the experience for next year’s event.

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