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Wheel Clamp Supplier Announces To Offer Wheel Boots To Enforce Safe Parking at Parking Facilities

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Wheel Clamp Supplier Announces To Offer Wheel Boots To Enforce Safe Parking at Parking Facilities

July 31
13:30 2019
Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd is a leading wheel clamp manufacturer that offers strong and reliable wheel clamps and wheel boots to deter unauthorized parking at a parking lot.

Besides wheel clamps and wheel boots, Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd has a whole range of parking safety and management solutions in its portfolio. They help parking lot owners to ensure the safety of the vehicles parked and also improve efficiency in managing parking bookings and vehicular movement. They have a variety of wheel clamps that can strongly restrict a vehicle from driving it away by its owner. The clamp is used when an unauthorized person parks its vehicle at a parking facility, particularly without giving the parking fee. The wheel clamp locks the tires of a vehicle and the owner cannot move it, until the parking staff allows for it.

Wheel Clamp Supplier Announces To Offer Wheel Boots To Enforce Safe Parking at Parking Facilities

The wheel clamp supplier has wheel clamps in a variety of designs. For example, they have triangular wheel clamps, trailer wheel clamps, car wheel clamp and wheel clamp locks as well. With an adjustable width and diameter, these wheel clamps can be used for locking vehicles with various types of tires. Besides being used for punishing unauthorized parkers and enforcing fines for unpaid parking fees, one can also use these wheel clamps as a safety or anti-theft device. With an adjustable length and width, the wheel clamp can fit almost all vehicles with different types of tires. Made of heavy duty steel, these wheel clamps are safe, strong and durable, and one can never break it open.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that their wheel boot is easy to use, and one can quickly lock up tires of a car. With two keys and a crank, it’s simple to fit the wheel boots. At the same time, it’s easy to remove the wheel boot to free a car. According to the spokesperson, these wheel boots play an important role in growing the revenue of a car parking business. These are the tools that can force unauthorized parkers to pay for the right parking fee, and which can grow the business of a parking lot owner. For parking facilities, these wheel boots have become must-to-have equipment that can offer several kinds of advantages.

The China based wheel clamp manufacturer also has a variety of parking locks. These parking locks are used for reserving a parking space for its authorized users. They also have smart parking locks that can be operated from a distance and allow a person to manage his/her parking space from a safe distance. For parking facilities, the company also has parking payment machines. These machines can be installed on streets for collecting parking fees from the vehicle owners. These machines are generally used by the municipal bodies to collect parking fees in the right and automated manner. KinouWell Technology has a variety of products, tools and solutions for parking facilities.

One can check all parking solutions of the company by visiting the website

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Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd is a leading parking company that focuses on manufacturing smart parking facilities and providing intelligent parking solutions to clients from global markets. With strong R&D and professional traffic parking management, Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd continually brings innovative and effective parking solutions and products to market.

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