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feisou shampoo, caring for people’s scalps more attentively

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feisou shampoo, caring for people’s scalps more attentively

August 13
05:09 2019

Facial care is necessary for every one who wants to be pretty. From the moment people wake up, the skincare journey begins. Generally, facial skin is classified into five types: natural, dry, oily, combination, sensitive, thus people choose the right skin care products according to the skin characteristics. However, many people tend to overlook the scalp care, and they suffer more and more hair problems such as dandruff, fragile hair, greasy hair and even hair loss, at this time, they begin to value the scalp health.

feisou amino acid shampoo is mild in nature. The brand advocates that caring the scalp as if it were the face and curing the various “intractable diseases” of it. The shampoo adopts the surfactants synthesized by hydrophilic amino acid components and hydrophobic aliphatic chains. The amino acid itself is a skin-friendly ingredient that fits into the weakly acidic scalp environment, being biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Many shampoo products in the market adopt traditional surfactants that are with strong cleaning power, which is actually irritant to the scalp, especially the sensitive scalp. feisou amino acid shampoo is milder in cleansing power than the shampoos containing SLS or SLES, and it also protect people from hair dryness, scalp itching and even dandruff caused by excessive cleaning.

TEA-Cocoyl Glutamate, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinatethe first three ingredients on the list are amino acid surfactants. Decyl Glucoside, Coco-Betaine, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetatethe three other types of surfactants are also mild and less irritant.

The four kinds of shampoos feisou has launched concentrate multiple natural plant extracts, not containing any unnecessary chemical components such as thickener, essence and pigment. Being made for people with dry hair, oily hair, damaged hair, thin hair and sensitive scalps, feisou shampoo can help people get rid of many scalp problems and improve their hair.

Facial care is of course important, but the scalp should also be cared attentively.

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