Environmental Services Provider Helps Commercial and Residential Properties Get Rid of Even the Worst Cases of Mold

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Environmental Services Provider Helps Commercial and Residential Properties Get Rid of Even the Worst Cases of Mold

September 23
20:04 2019

Mold is a form of fungus that can be found almost anywhere inside or outside. Typically, mold spores are harmless, but when they come into contact with a damp area, they begin to grow – releasing spores into the air, which in turn, can be inhaled by whoever comes into contact with the area. Unfortunately, exposure to moldy environments can result in a range of health issues ranging from nasal stuffiness to coughing to wheezing and everything in between. Those who are immune-compromised or suffer some sort of chronic lung illness can face serious consequences after coming into contact with mold. Those who are more likely to experience adverse reactions include the elderly, children, asthma sufferers, and people with allergies.

Where is Mold Typically Found and What Are the Signs?

Mold tends to grow in areas with temperatures above 60 degrees, but as long as there is damp, stagnant air, mold can grow in any temperature. AdvantaClean of Fort Lauderdale, an environmental services provider serving Fort Lauderdale, Davie, and Plantation, FL, explains that mold is commonly found in wallpaper and drywall, attics, basements, crawlspaces, carpets, drapes, and various other areas. Here is a few signs mold is present in the home:

  • There are visible mold spores that don’t go away when scrubbed.
  • Those in the home feel as though they have a constant, lingering cold or flu.
  • There is a distinct musty or damp smell in the area.
  • Those in the home notice they are getting nosebleeds on a regular basis.

How Does AdvantaClean of Fort Lauderdale Get Rid of Even the Worst Cases of Mold?

AdvantaClean of Fort Lauderdale has mold experts on staff who are prepared with the tools, training, and resources needed to verify that mold is present, as well as remove or remediate the mold from the area. They’re IICRC certified professionals with over 23 years of industry experience assisting those who experience mold issues in residential or commercial properties. They use innovative technology to find the source of the mold, contain the colonies, and ultimately, eliminate the cause.

For those located in or around Fort Lauderdale, Davie or Plantation, FL, AdvantaClean of Fort Lauderdale is able to act quickly as they offer 24/7 emergency response times. The method used for removal or remediation depends on the type of mold, as well as the impact on the area surface or material. It’s important to note that mold removal should never be done without the proper, professional equipment, training, and chemicals.

This is because mold can easily spread, especially when household cleaners are used. Contrary to popular belief, using bleach can actually result in a much more expensive clean-up later on, especially in the case of black mold. Those who do require a mold specialist should ensure they are trained on proper mold removal/remediation procedures in accordance with the institute of inspection, cleaning, and restoration certification (IICRC) S-520.

AnvantaClean will inspect, sample, and test the air in the area for mold. They will use a range of techniques to determine whether or not mold is present, and if so, they will identify the types of mold. This allows them to offer the best recommendations possible for removing or remediating mold properly so the situation doesn’t spread or become dangerous for those inhabiting the home.

About AdvantaClean of Fort Lauderdale

AdvantaClean of Fort Lauderdale, founded in 1994 as a contracting business, has grown to provide a full suite of offerings for governmental, commercial, residential, and institutional properties – helping to keep buildings safe, clean, and efficient for those who inhabit or visit them. They offer a range of services, including but not limited to mold removal and remediation, for those in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Weston and Deerfield Beach areas.

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