Review: Page Speed Monitoring Helps Business Owners Improve Conversions

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April 22
22:44 2020
Slow pages are annoying and nobody likes them. Based on consumer surveys, 79 percent of customers said that they are likely to abandon a website with page load times of more than three seconds and will find another website with a faster page. What’s worse is that they are less likely to return to make a purchase.

Waiting for a web page to load can be frustrating. However, what many people do not know is how much impact a few seconds of delay can have on engagement, search engine optimization, and brand advocacy.

The frustration doesn’t just affect page views and decrease in customer satisfaction; it has downright effects on conversion levels too. A one-second delay in page load time is already equivalent to a 7 percent cut on conversions.

But how does page speed affect conversions? Find out below.

A website’s conversion rate refers to the percentage of users who take the desired action on a website. The conversion rate is directly tied up with how much revenue a website generates. For example, a website page is displaying baby carriers. Users convert once they decide to purchase the product and click on the buy button.

However, a web page has a variety of purposes and users are not necessarily required to purchase to convert. Other user conversion activities include answering survey questions, clicking through the website pages, subscribing to newsletters, and filling and submitting a contact form.

Website performance and page speed have a large and measurable effect on conversions. The faster the page speed, the better the conversion rate. The quicker it loads, the more opportunity for users to perform the targeted action on that page.

Whether a small or large enterprise, no one can afford to lose any amount of percentage of sales to something that is so simple and can be fixable. Yes, page load time and speed can be fixed and improved through comprehensive page speed monitoring. provides comprehensive page speed monitoring to help business owners improve their conversions. is a reputable online uptime monitoring service provider that aims to help businesses improve their business operations and systems through affordable yet reliable and efficient uptime monitoring. is popular among many business owners because the platform has helped many businesses ranging from start-ups to well-established ones maximize their potential to attain sustainable business success. offers a wide range of uptime and performance monitoring services for websites. The team conducts around-the-clock monitoring of websites and its applications while optimizing user experience and improving customer conversion. helps improve page speed for better conversions through the following:

  1. Reduced redirects – Broken links and redirects slow down page speed. monitors broken links and redundant redirects, allowing business owners to fix these issues promptly. 
  2. Content distribution network (CDN) – uses a CDN to monitor and improve website performance and page speed. It works by hosting web files on various geographical locations and delivering web content based on the proximity to each server. Spreading bandwidth across numerous servers helps reduce the strain on a single server, allowing web pages to load faster.
  3. Disabling redundant plugins – Redundant plugins cause slow-loading pages. monitors the different plugins installed on a website and removes those that are no longer for the website.
  4. Improved server response – The type of hosting, the volume of traffic, and the type of software affect server response. monitors different performance metrics and evaluates server performance. This helps determine if there are issues that affect page speed and fixes these issues to ensure optimal server response and page speed.
  5. Leveraging browser caching – Depending on the nature of the business, website visitors are likely to make multiple touchpoints before completing a conversion. Browsers can store website information, such as JavaScript files, images, style sheets, and more. Enabling caching on the website reduces the bandwidth and helps improve page load speed for returning visitors, which means better customer experience.

Improving website speed is one of the most important things that business owners can do to drive traffic, improve conversion rates, and keep customers engaged and satisfied. While this can be a challenging undertaking, can help improve page speed and, at the same time, improve conversions and take businesses to success.

To learn more about’s monitoring services, visit For customer support, send an email to [email protected].

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