Y-Warm Zero° Technology provides excellent antibacterial properties to protect people’s health

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Y-Warm Zero° Technology provides excellent antibacterial properties to protect people’s health

April 29
17:44 2020

The driving force of industrial development is the technical innovation. The appearance of Y-Warm Zero° Technology strongly confirmed this theory. With Zero° Technology, the application of Y-Warm in clothing is setting off a revolution in antibacterial body protection.

Y-Warm Zero° Technology is elaborated and designed from the perspective of current and future innovative technologies for energy conservation and environmental protection. Y-Warm, an excellent thermal insulation material, is an implementation of zero-degree technology to utilize resource efficiency to the maximum.

Y-Warm, which consists of environmentally-friendly functional polymer materials and polyester substrates, is a soft and easy-handling material. Meanwhile, Y-Warm possesses the following features: (1) Being light and thin. The thickness of Y-Warm is ca. 0.67 mm with the width of 1.5 m. The weight is 43 g/m2; (2) Moisture-permeable; (3) Quick-drying. These listed features combined with its excellent thermal insulation performance from Y-Warm are extremely critical for many application fields, such as clothing, outdoors, insulation in constructions/transportation and so on. In addition, the good antimicrobial level brings a breathable “protective film” on the clothes, which is more beneficial to human health.

Mites and molds can be easily bred in clothes made of traditional materials. These will not only cause skin diseases, but also induce adverse reactions such as respiratory allergies. Y-Warm inspired by Zero° Technology is produced under an aqueous system and the only exhaust is water vapor which can be recycled. The volatile organic compound (VOC) of Y-Warm cannot be detected. The test result of the substance of very high concern (SVHC) fits the criteria of REACH Regulation in European Union.

Y-Warm, inspired by Y-Warm Zero° Technology, is a revolutionary excellent insulator with an extremely low thermal conductivity at 0.00824 W/(m*K). The wide application of Y-Warm will subvert the traditional industrial mode in clothing and trigger a brand-new shuffle of the industry. At the same time, it will also benefit all human beings and contribute to a healthier world.

About Beijing Y-Warm Technologies Co. Ltd

The concept of Y-Warm Zero° Technology is launched in 2013 in Beijing. Y-Warm inspired by Zero° Technology was firstly succeeded in lab R&D in 2017 and the industrialization was achieved in 2019.

To access more information about Y-Warm, please visit http://en.y-warm.com.

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