Northbay Cleaning Company Snags Rare Sterilization Devices To Combat Coronavirus

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Northbay Cleaning Company Snags Rare Sterilization Devices To Combat Coronavirus

May 21
09:30 2020
Northbay Cleaning Company Snags Rare Sterilization Devices To Combat Coronavirus

Prior to the shutdowns brought on by novel coronavirus, office managers and businesses in the Bay Area didn’t have much cause to think about the need for commercial sanitation capabilities by their janitorial providers. But as businesses posture to re-open and more employees resume work, the concerns over sterilization are top of mind. 

To address the exploding need for proper commercial sterilization services, Northbay Maintenance, a broad spectrum maintenance company based in Petaluma has procured special “electrostatic sterilization” devices. This is notable since the demand for sterilization services has caused a severe global shortage of devices designed to properly sterilize work environments. 

According to industry suppliers, professional electrostatic devices have been backordered from manufacturers since February and likely will remain virtually impossible to obtain for the foreseeable future. 

This lack of availability leads to other issues. Amid such demand, some industry experts worry that there will be a wave of people starting so-called “sterilization services” without proper equipment and training. In a March 15 article from, Jeff Jones, a council member of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council Director of Forensic Operations was quoted as saying, “In Oklahoma and Texas, after a hailstorm, there are suddenly a lot of so-called roofing contractors. [Likewise] you are going to see people with pump-up sprayers and respirators they obtained at a hardware store going into the business. Anyone can say they are a professional,” Jones said, and many of them might be without the requisite skills to neutralize the virus. “There’s a lack of knowledge and a lack of training.”

Zac Cooper, owner of Northbay Maintenance, is betting on the equipment paying off. “Companies were asking us for sterilization services but we couldn’t offer them without meeting professional standards. These devices were very difficult to procure and came at a premium price, but we know that when we sterilize a space, it is being done right. We’re now one of the only cleaning and maintenance companies with professional electrostatic devices in the Bay Area”. 

EPA guidelines on disinfection state that there should be a 99.9999% or better reduction of an infecting agent in 10 minutes or less. This is often not possible with retail household grade disinfectants. Further, standard sprayers or even room foggers may help disinfect horizontal surfaces, but they are not effective for vertical surfaces. Electrostatic sterilization equipment is designed to disperse statically charged, atomized particles which can cling to vertical surfaces as well as coat horizontal ones. 

Northbay Maintenance has been cleaning, maintaining, remodeling, and restoring commercial and residential properties for over 12 years throughout the Bay Area. Starting out as a Petaluma window washing, janitorial, and pressure washing service, Northbay has expanded over the years to become one of the broadest spectrum maintenance companies in the region.

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