5 Sumptuous Ways to Promote any Cupcake Business

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5 Sumptuous Ways to Promote any Cupcake Business

June 18
17:46 2020

Yes, you are a real genius when it comes to making cupcakes. The elegance and tastiness of your little cuppies are second to none. We get that! But can we really say the same about your cupcake marketing skills? While your little yummies have a legitimate claim to the title of the “best cupcakes” in your locality, are they really known beyond the walls of your neighborhood? Don’t think so!

Not that we blame you, though. In fact, many of your most prominent competitors are just like you – bad cupcake marketers. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure you’d like to be better than them, wouldn’t you? Beyond the walls of your store, I know you’d like to promote your business even to places you’ve never been to before. But how can you achieve this? You may wonder! Well, here are some sumptuous cupcake marketing tips for the betterment of your cupcake business. 

Make referral your theme

Believe it or not, the cupcake business is still one of the few businesses where referrals are quite easy to come by. Yes, your cupcakes taste like heaven, and your customers know it. Why not make them refer people to you. I know you’re already thinking to yourself, “how is that possible; will I force them?” Well, no one is forcing anyone to do anything. All you need to do is provide your existing customers with a little bit of extra motivation. For starters, you can add an extra cupcake to every dozen bought. You may become known for it, and the extra sales will make up for the (slightly) higher costs. Alternatively, you can launch a campaign that promises to reward your customers with lots of exciting gifts and rewards for every customer referred.

You can also try networking with businesses around you (just make sure they are businesses that are relevant to your cupcake business, e.g., coffee shops, restaurants, stores, candy shops, etc.). To facilitate the effectiveness of these networks, you can keep their business cards on your counter, and yours on theirs. Finally, word-of-mouth works too. To leverage word-of-mouth marketing, you can ask existing customers for referrals. Trust me, if your cakes are delicious and impressive enough, not only will they tell their friends about you, but they will even drag them to your store themselves. If you’d like to promote your business into other states or regions, you can target these regions with the strategies too.

Be everywhere

Who said you have to remain in a brick and mortar store to sell or promote your cupcake business? Unlike other kinds of businesses, cupcake businesses are really not limited by location; that is, you can be virtually anywhere you want to be. And for a business looking for promotion, pushing your yummies beyond the walls of your locality can be a great place to start. How can I do this? Some may quip! Well, the simple trick to achieving this is via cupcake vending machines. With these vending machines, you can easily expand your reach and brand awareness without necessarily investing in the construction of brick and mortar stores. Even if your business name had never been heard in these locations, the enthralling sight of your delectables in a vending machine is enough to fascinate anyone and propel them into buying.

Use another company to promote your business

It doesn’t matter whether their niche is relevant to cupcakes or not, partnering with an area business can be a great way to promote your cupcake business. Take your time to identify those businesses that are doing exceptionally well around you; once you do, hand out their coupons with every order. In return, they can offer cupcake coupons for you. Not only will these lead to more sales for you, but it will also increase the popularity of your cupcake business.

Diversify your menu

It is true what they say that when you limit your business to the sales of just one product, you become vulnerable to highs and lows in demand. However, when you add some secondary edibles to your cupcake business, you stand a better chance of generating more sales and promoting your primary business – the cupcakes. Good-quality drip coffee, cupcake shakes, and specialty iced drinks are great options to look at. With these secondary items, you’ll generally attract more people to your business, many of whom will be glad to come to you when their cupcake cravings set in.

Get on social media

To promote your business simply means to spread the word. And in this digital age, there’s no better place to spread the word about a business than on social media. Luckily for you, cupcakes are quite enticing and appealing on their own, so when you’re able to get them on social media, they’re surely going to appeal to almost everyone that comes across them. Snap some amazing pictures of your products and post on Instagram, get some wonderful reviews from past clients, and post on platforms like Trust Pilot, or you can even create some breathtaking articles and infographics about cupcakes and feed them to blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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