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Lyane Adam Murnaghan’s website offers women a way to survive and grow through cancer

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Lyane Adam Murnaghan’s website offers women a way to survive and grow through cancer

July 29
08:48 2020

Lyane Adam Murnaghan was diagnosed with breast cancer on February 14, 2020, leaving a single mother of three boys to determine how to face this life changing news. She has begun a blog and online forum to share her own journey. Her purpose is to give those women currently with cancer, those who have beat cancer, and the supportive people in their lives, a different way to view their collective journeys. Through her website,, Lyane is working to create a community of strength and positive energy to carry people through the challenges and recognize the triumphs. The website provides Lyane and all readers and contributors with the opportunity to share the burden, fear, surprises, and sometimes even humorous stories they have experienced along their path. Lyane feels blessed to be supported by her community, family, boyfriend, and employer, and is looking to provide help to others through social connection and shared experiences.

When Lyane Adam Murnaghan was diagnosed with cancer in February, her reaction was to ask, “Okay. What’s the plan?” The concept for was borne not just from her own determination, but also from the examples of love and support she received from those around her. The calls, social media connections, and offers of assistance came from so many people and were inspiring. Lyane was also grateful to receive an amazing amount of help from her employer, Visiting Nurse and Hospice for VT and NH who allowed the employees to donate more paid days than were outlined by policy. In fact, due to Lyane Adam Murnaghan’s need and response by the employees, the company has changed their policy to allow her coworkers to donate 80hrs versus 8hrs to the employee sick day bank as was previously outlined.

Ms. Hillary Davis, Director, External Relations and Service Excellence for Visiting Nurse and Hospice for VT & NH, wrote that “ Lyane has always cared for her patients, and her colleagues with her whole heart, she is a great representation of how VNH best serves community in their time of need. When Lyane needed our support in return, we recognized that our policy needed to change to support her struggles, and any other employee who needed it in the future”.

In fact, Lyane has been a caregiver her whole life, from her profession as a physical therapist to a mother of three boys, ages 13, 15, and 18, so immediately reaching for a plan that included others was a natural response. The acts of support and kindness that she had received were also eye opening. Lyane recognized how important the support of others was and began to worry about other women and the support they may or may not be needing or getting. is designed to proactively help other women through education and engagement by focusing on mental, emotional, and physical health strategies.

The journey for Lyane Adam Murnaghan has not been without its challenges. After initial scans she was told the cancer was 1.2 cm in size. Upon biopsy and further testing, the cancer was actually found to be 4.7cm, as well as in several lymph nodes. Doctors determined there were two types of cancer, the second of which was extremely aggressive. Plans were revised and the timeline moved up significantly even as the COVID-19 pandemic was hitting its spring peak. This setback, however, only made Lyane more aware that a website such as hers, one that raises awareness of the importance of positive energy and self-love during times of crisis, was important and could actually help women love themselves and reach out to one another.

Lyane is striving, even after her fourth round of chemotherapy, to move her site from a one-sided story-telling blog to a wide-ranging interactive community. Lyane wants every woman to own their journey and be proud of who they are and how they are living and growing while facing cancer.

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Name: Lyane Adam Murnaghan
Address: 263 Deer Meadow Rd, Manchester Center, Vermont
Phone number: 603.306.4280

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Jasdeep Singh
West Hartford, CT

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Contact Person: Lyane Adam Murnaghan
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