How to improve the welding effect of double-sided wire fence

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How to improve the welding effect of double-sided wire fence

July 30
18:12 2020
How to improve the welding effect of double-sided wire fence


The double wire fence net has simple structure, less materials, low processing cost, and is convenient for remote transportation, so the project cost is low; the bottom of the fence and the brick-concrete wall are built as a whole, which effectively overcomes the weakness of the net’s insufficient rigidity and enhances the protection performance. Now it is generally accepted by customers with large volume.

Regarding the problem of rust on the surface of the double-sided wire fence, the main reason is that the appearance has produced a large degree of corrosion, such as baffle, column screw fixing, or in other aspects and more important use of the system. Low-hydrogen electrode is used for drying and removing oil and rust on the welding surface, preheating before welding, and heat treatment after welding. This can further alleviate rust, prevent rust and extend service life.

In terms of raw materials, in order to use the double-sided wire fence to select more durable raw materials, and then use anti-corrosion means such as surface coating, dipping, hot-dip galvanizing, etc., to make these products more comprehensive and reliable on the surface of the production and application value, use The number of years is longer and the utilization rate is increased.

Pay attention to the production details during the production process, and strictly control the welding effect of the frame fence.

Cement floor: Because the cement floor is relatively hard, the perforated installation, also called the site installation, is to weld a flange at the bottom of the column, drill holes on the ground, and then directly use expansion screws to drill the holes. This method is relatively complicated, so fewer people choose.

Ground surface: This environment is suitable for pre-buried installation. First dig a hole and make a pre-buried foundation, put the column in, fill with cement, and wait for the cement to dry naturally. It is relatively simple and easy to operate.

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