OJESH Soiree in Shanghai – A Light Art Extravaganza

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OJESH Soiree in Shanghai – A Light Art Extravaganza

August 11
07:39 2020

The beauty of art lurks within the magical and the poetic, infiltrating the air with its nuance.

The beauty of nature burgeons like a sublime aurora. Explore the fashion and art that are everlasting, and let the world reveal itself to your senses. 

Inspired by the wisdom of natural skin care, OJESH harmonized art and fashion in a cultural fiesta of unprecedented scale. On the evening of August 7, OJESH created a cross-boundary celebration of art and fashion, characterized by a stylish elegance, with Group 55. Numerous distinguished guests and celebrities were invited to the event to reflect on the beauty of fashion and art. The banquet oozed the ambience of timeless elegance and beautiful simplicity. Mr. Wang Jiayi, Founder of the OJESH brand, Ms. Ning Rui, CEO in Greater China of Jassen Group Germany, Mr. Xiao Jianfeng, Head of OJESH Operation and Mr. Xiang Yu, Director of OJESH Branding and Marketing worked together with Ms. Sumang, “Queen of Fashion”, Carols Morell Orlandis, acclaimed Spanish artist, Twistflo, French “Fashion Godmother”, and Ms. Cao Dan, President of Modern Media Group’s Art Platform, as well as many other familiar names and the top distributors of OJESH at the “Oriental Champs-Élysées” to create a midsummer extravaganza characterized by the unique blend of impressive European architecture and diverse fashion cultures.

Stimulating Exclusive Sharing

When one slowly enters the location, he is immediately captivated by the fragrant surroundings that is the epitome of light luxury and elegance. Moving to the luxurious White Hall: the all-white classical design and the luminous crystal lighting set against each other and are juxtaposed with layered shadows and sceneries, demonstrating the unique charm of East-meets-West.

The soirée was accompanied by sumptuous catering and thought-provoking discussions. The guests at the occasion savored the elegant cultural treat while enjoying the German-style light luxury. With the opening remarks of the host, the midsummer festivity opened gracefully.

Exploring Art and Fashion

Mr. Wang Jiayi, who was deeply influenced by German and Chinese cultures and stays always abreast of trends, took the stage with much charisma. As the founder of OJESH, he extended a sincere welcome to all celebrities and distinguished guests on behalf of the brand. He said that OJESH was born in the spirit of German ingenuity and came all the way from Germany to become a brand needed by millions of women, to advocate a delicate lifestyle, and to let women around the world benefit from a natural skin care philosophy. The Shanghai Soirée of OJESH is not only a high-end exclusive event, but also an artistic interpretation and representation of the brand, an occasion in which the like-minded could be inspired by the latest fashion and art movements.

Afterwards, Ms. Ning Rui, CEO in Greater China of Jassen Group Germany, gave a speech about the cultural connotation of the brand. She said that OJESH is a brand born of love, and this elegant and light luxury style stams from a romantic city, Nuremberg. Its German heritage created a brand that is humble and reflective, attracting lots of modern female intellectuals. At OJESH, all partners help each other to succeed, find inner peace and joy with the help of the brand’s happiness philosophy, displaying the exquisite elegance and strength of modern women.

At this exclusive soirée in Shanghai, Ms. Su Mang, the “Queen of Chinese Fashion”, did an insightful sharing on her views on modern womanhood. For her, fashion is an attitude towards life, an opportunity to create and express beauty. Every woman should sincerely look inwards, live for their passion, and soon enough they would reap the harvest of their diligence and intelligence.

In addition to experiencing the modern European ambience of “Oriental Champs-Élysées “, the guests also had the chance to ponder about cross-border art through the paintings of the Spanish art master Carlos Morell Orlandis. He synthesized seemingly unrelated elements with each other to create a unique temperament. In the process of exploring and expressing beauty, one constantly improves his aesthetic and critical eye. Only through this can one do justice to art and create wonders after wonders for a brand.

Fashion, art and culture are the added value of brand development, and products are always the core. At the exclusive soirée, Mr. Xiang Yu, director of OJESH Marketing and Branding shared his insights on the ingenuity and skin care wisdom of OJESH. Mr. Xiang said that OJESH spent six years developing a product, which epitomized German ingenuity and artistry. From the strict selection of partners to the relentless research of ingredients, OJESH has never forgotten its original ideals and will forge ahead. The Intensive Care Plus launched in May this year is another sublimation of the brand’s natural skin care wisdom.

Immersive Audio-Visual Spectacle

In dazzling lights, the internationally emerging dance artist TL quietly appeared on the stage and danced in light and elegant steps. The interplay of classics and elegance mirrors the outstanding grace of OJESH with its well-balanced charm. The ultimate audio-visual spectacle and glamorous lights complemented each other to immerse the guests in a magnificent space, where they could indulge in the European romantic flair.

In this exquisite space, the guests chatted and relaxed in a leisurely manner, creating a unique chemistry for the event. As the founder of a high-end luxury event operator, Twistflo shared her views on fashion trends with the honorable guests and exchanged ideas for creative photography, resulting in many thought-provoking conversations about art and fashion. 

Presenting the Aesthetics of Ingenuity

OJESH gathered celebrities from all fields for a unique immersive art experience – a midsummer night’s extravaganza marked by unmistakable German grandeur. Beauty knows no boundaries or definition. OJESH reinterprets and challenges standards of beauty through a fine balance of light luxury and highly inventive artistry, sprinkling its fine blend of fashion, art and culture throughout its journey of beauty discovery. 

Falling back on its founding ideals, what OJESH did is an insightful rendering of an exquisite way of life. Multiculturalism and diversity broke the boundaries of time and space, through which the brand announced a more intensive participation in the art scene. The Shanghai exclusive soirée of OJESH has come to a successful conclusion, but OJESH will continue its unflagging pursuit for a higher form of beauty, working together with experts and the like-minded in the community, to create a brand that is innovative, fearless and forward-looking.

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