Biggest names in Angel Investing get together to reveal the secrets of business angels in support of COVID-19 fight

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Biggest names in Angel Investing get together to reveal the secrets of business angels in support of COVID-19 fight

August 13
00:20 2020
Biggest names in Angel Investing get together to reveal the secrets of business angels in support of COVID-19 fight

An epic event about Angel Investing. Not ever done before
A new virtual summit shows how people can become angel investors by following the lessons from the greatest angels which are currently operating in the world

Angel Investor School announces the launch its global summit. Angel Investor School, the pre-eminent educational resource for new and aspiring angel investors, has gathered some of the top angels in the world to teach them the difficult art of angel investing. It will feature a wide range of top business entrepreneurs, each of whom will share their expertise in helping new angels learn the discipline. In more than 20 hours of lessons, Angel Investor School is ready to prepare the next generation of angel investors.

Angel Investor School will be held from October 1st  to October 5th 2020. This is a free event with great opportunities to learn from the best. All the proceeds from the sale of All-Access Passes will be used to cover Angel Investor School’s costs, with any remaining profits to be donated to fighting COVID19 in Latin America.

Agustin Rubini, co-host of Angel Investor School stated: “Despite the coronavirus crisis, we see that angel investing is still on the rise. Investing in startups is a long-term job, and the current pandemic is an opportunity for investors to learn faster how to pick winners. Many people don’t realise that with a bit of dedication and hard work, they can emulate the results of trusted names like Mark Cuban, Paul Buchheit, Naval Ravikant, David Tisch or Fabrice Grinda.”

Early stage startups imply a high degree of risk and, without the proper education and experience, the learning curve can be very slow and costly. Angel Investor School is a deeply thought resource to help bridge the gap for those accomplished professionals who now want to get involved in this fascinating world. Angel investing is a way to be a part of the companies that are literally changing the world. Angel investors invest, not just money, but also their time, expertise and valuable connections and are incredible assets for the startups’ growth.

Esteban Rubini, co-host of Angel Investor School stated: “With the advent of COVID19 and the implications of social distancing and reduced travel, Angel Investor School was conceived as a virtual event, which can be accessed in the comfort of your home. Moreover, the incredible advancement of technology in the last few months means that there is great potential in early-stage startups and becoming a part of the ecosystem is nothing short of fascinating”.

To teach and share their secrets, Angel Investor School ( has secured sessions and interviews with over 25 impressive A-list speakers. These include:

Fabrice Grinda (#1 Forbes’ top Angel, FJ Labs)

Gokul Rajaram (DoorDash)

Pejman Nozad (

Martín Varsavsky (Prelude Fertility, Goggo, VAS Ventures, MVB Jazzya)

Brad Feld (Techstars & Foundry Group)

Dan Scheinman (1st Investor in Zoom)

David Cohen (Techstars)

Susan Preston (SeaChange fund, Angel Resource Institute)

Henri Arslanian (PwC)

Bill Morrow (Angels Den)

Carlos Blanco (Nuclio, Encomenda)

Alexander Jarvis (50Folds)

Dan Martell (SaaS expert)

Anthony Rose (SeedLegals)

Ullas Naik (Streamlined Ventures)

Andy Freire (Serial entrepreneur, founder Officenet)

Jonathan Abrams (8Bit Capital, Founders Den)

Some of the companies these angels have invested in include Zoom, DoorDash, Alibaba, OLX, AngelList, Square, Auth0, Gusto, Viatel, Jazztel, Viagogo, Ticketbis, Techstars, Flexport, DropBox, Rappi, Restorando, Satellogic, etc.

The world needs more angel investors, and this has been the reason many of the top angel investors have shared their time with Angel Investor School. This will be an unmissable event.

About Angel Investor School

With the aim of preparing the next generation of angel investors, Angel Investor School has gathered the best minds in the business to deliver world-class content. The event will be held from September 28 through to October 2, 2020 and will be fully online:

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