Work projects are the artist’s priority, since their credibility and reputation depend on them

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Work projects are the artist’s priority, since their credibility and reputation depend on them

August 15
02:40 2020
Work projects are the artist's priority, since their credibility and reputation depend on them

Linda Rojas
Meet Linda Rojas Producer and Public Relation Specialist in Miami

How long have you been producing films for?

My name is Linda Rojas and I am a Film Producer since 2016, but I have been working in mass media communications since 2006. I have produced 28 film projects in Orlando, New York and Miami.

Film is my passion, but also public relations. I use both careers in order to make possible my productions.

What exactly is a Film Producer role?

Well, as a Film Producer you have the responsibility of a movie’s completion. For example, search and choose a good script, coordinate and choose your crew and cast and also, pitch the movie to studios or investors to secure financing. Follow by the production days, we need to be alert of any possible inconveniences before and during shooting days. After this, pay attention to details during the post=production phase in order to deliver a good project. But the most important thing, make sure the film or project is delivered on time and within budget.

How you make possible a production?

After we have a story, hiring the director and crew is part of my job. I look for experienced professionals, but also, responsible people. Filmmaking is not about hiring all your friends, is about a huge responsibility. As a Public Relations Specialist I have realized that both careers go hand in hand. How is this? Simple, for permits, paperwork, scouting locations, and even crew you need to know people in order to build a crew. And the best way to do this, is by having good relations with others, knowing people and convince others that we have a good idea or project they should support or why our project is important.

How you manage production and public relations?

For me, is simple. A production requires time, hard work and knowledge. I treat my projects as my reputation or credibility depends on them. And everyone should take it like this because if a movie is bad, everyone will say is the production fault. So we have to take in mind this, be strategic, build relationships, and always think how we can be the most effective for the production to stay on budget and delivered on time.

What tips would you give to beginner producers?

The best advice I can share with students or beginner producers is to hire professionals that can do their jobs without too much supervision in order for you to focus on the bigger picture.

On the other hand, organization is fundamental if you want to be a film producer because is too many paperwork, responsibilities, contacts, permits, steps and logistics for a period of time and we have to delivered a good product with what we have.

I dress with my best vest PASSION, my best RESPONSIBILITY pants, my most accurate watch to take care of TIME, and the most comfortable bag and adjusted to my body to take advantage and stretch the BUDGET as much as possible (laugh).

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Media Contact
Company Name: Alpha Entertainment
Contact Person: Linda Rojas and Priscilla Rojas
Email: Send Email
Phone: 1 (407) 790-5374
City: Miami
State: Florida
Country: United States

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