G2GBIO Moves Fast to Commercialize its Nonsurgical Neutering Injection for Companion Animals

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G2GBIO Moves Fast to Commercialize its Nonsurgical Neutering Injection for Companion Animals

October 26
09:42 2020

G2GBIO, a bio-venture company, is drawing attention for its development of a non-surgical neutering injection for companion animals.

Neutering, called orchiectomy or ovariohysterectomy, is one of the most effective animal sterilization methods used to prevent aggression problems or diseases and it has the added effect of reducing the number of stray animals. For this reason, 80 to 90 percent of the companion animal population in the United States are surgically neutered and neutering is supported and mandatory in most states.

However, many owners are reluctant to choose this option as there are concerns about possible sequelae or other complications and a perception that the practice is unethical. This trend is expected to spread gradually to European countries as people’s attitudes toward companion animal welfare change. Although efforts have been made to develop non-surgical alternatives, they have failed to gain traction in the market due to side effects and poor performance.

The neutering injectable formulation developed by G2GBIO is a biodegradable microparticle formulation that contains deslorelin, which is known to suppress sex hormones such as testosterone and lasts for more than 6 months with a single subcutaneous injection. The formulation is less invasive so it does not raise ethical issues, as companion animals do not require surgery, nor is any physical tool placed on their bodies, while they still get the disease-preventive effect.

G2GBIO has published the results of the comparison between its newly developed neutering injectable formulation and the deslorelin long-acting implant on the market. The result of the efficacy study in dogs showed that G2GBIO’s formulation not only had a stronger inhibitory effect on sexual functions compared to the marketed implant but also a longer-acting duration of up to 28 weeks. Furthermore, the efficacy of the drug compared to the control group is expected to be consistent given the low variation among subjects.

CEO, Heeyong Lee who leads the development stated, “The results of the neutering injection for companion animals is an example of the company’s technological excellence,” and added “Based on this achievement, we will go on to create high added value by expediting the commercialization of the injection both in Korea and countries overseas such as the United States, China and countries in Europe which will contribute to the improvement of companion animal welfare.

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