Paraiba Tourmaline From Star Lanka In Deep Blue And Rich Green Shades Sourced Directly From The Mines

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Paraiba Tourmaline From Star Lanka In Deep Blue And Rich Green Shades Sourced Directly From The Mines

November 04
19:27 2020
Paraiba Tourmaline From Star Lanka In Deep Blue And Rich Green Shades Sourced Directly From The Mines
GIA-certified blue Paraiba tourmaline from Star Lanka is sourced directly from the mines. This rare gemstone, known for its radiance, commands a premium price in the market. With Star Lanka, it is available in different shapes and sizes at extremely competitive rates.

According to announcements released by Star Lanka, neon blue Paraiba tourmaline available with the company represents the best quality tourmaline in the market. These gems were discovered in the 1980s in Paraiba, Brazil. Since then, these gemstones have captivated gem lovers and are today sought after by collectors, lapidaries, and jewelry lovers. Also known as cuprian elbaite, this form of tourmaline gets its blazing glows of bluish-green or deep blue from a small amount of copper. 

Concerning Paraiba gemstones, color holds precedence over clarity. Expert lapidaries at Star Lanka cut these stones, obtained directly from the source, such that they reflect light and small inclusions, when present, add to the beauty of the gemstone. Apart from Brazil, fine quality Paraiba tourmalines are also mined in Mozambique and Nigeria. Through Star Lanka, customers can purchase authentic Paraiba stones ranging from one carat to more than 100 carats.

Only one Paraiba tourmaline gets mined for every 10,000 diamonds. Rarity and beauty are attributes that make this gemstone a very sought after one. Paraiba tourmalines with neon blue colors with excellent saturation are regarded as the best type. A faint secondary presence of green adds to the allure of the gemstone when held against the light. These stones are also available in other shades, such as pink and purple; however, it is the deep blue Paraiba that possesses an irresistible appeal.

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Star Lanka said, “The name of this vibrant gemstone is derived from a Singhalese word ‘Turmali’ which means a stone of many beautiful colors. It’s an apt name for this beautiful gem, which gets its tints and shades from the presence of copper and manganese in it. The stone is believed to possess many healing and therapeutic properties. It promotes mental stability and physical energy. It protects the wearer or possessor from misfortunes. It helps build lasting bonds between friends.”

About the company

Star Lanka said, “Our objective is to bring the best nature has to offer to you in its purest form, in the most transparent way possible. Transparency and passion are key parts in our industry, and as a company, we thrive on sharing those values with you. We are well established in Thailand, Hong Kong, and China, focusing on the wholesale business. In addition, we cater to our high-end customers’ unique needs who have specific requirements for their products as well. No matter what your needs are, we will do our best to meet and exceed expectations. Our in-house expert has access to state-of-the-art equipment, which allows for the best possible results. If the results aren’t up to your expectations, don’t hesitate to contact us for a solution.”

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