MEZMIC1829 makes inroads into the Amazon of the U.S. and Japan, with a collection of elegant Iris Flora and unique Hangeul Jewelry.

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MEZMIC1829 makes inroads into the Amazon of the U.S. and Japan, with a collection of elegant Iris Flora and unique Hangeul Jewelry.

December 05
01:16 2020

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MEZMIC1829 Brand (MEZMIC) came from the abbreviation “mesmerize” created in 1829, meaning hypnosis, irresistible temptation, and fascination.

MEZMIC LION (MARC) symbol represents a powerful king who is a warrior of MEZMIC and means revival. Like a tough lion, MEZMIC gives a hopeful message to young people living in difficult times around the world to overcome such difficulties, with its symbols of Lion, Lion Tooth, Iris, Star, Totem and Magic. 

Since the launch in 2016, MEZMIC ( has been actively conducting marketing by participating in various global events and exhibitions to enter the U.S. and Japanese markets as a global brand, such as JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show Exhibition, LA Fashion Market Trade Show, LA 59th Grammy Awards Sponsorship, K-Franchise Showcase in LA & Vancouver, KCON LA and G-Fair Tokyo Exhibition. In particular, the brand was invited to the Takashimaya Department Storewhich boasts a 100-year-tradition in Osaka, Japan, to host the pop-up store.

In addition, the brand has strived to promote K-culture in the world as a jewelry brand in collaboration with countless K-pop artists and stylists in Korea. Based on these efforts, it is currently receiving positive responses from Amazon in the U.S. and Japan, and is planning to make inroads into Amazon in Europe, Canada and Mexico by 2021. It has also succeeded in entering Southeast Asian markets such as Singapore and Malaysia through Shopee and Qoo10, which are the largest online shopping malls in Southeast Asia.

MEZMIC1829 (CEO Park In-kyung) has prepared a collection of Hangeul (Korean alphabet) jewelry in the global market through its newly released Iris Collection and Hangeul with a hip-hop sensibility.

Iris Collection symbolizes love, brave, cross, and so on with the Iris flower motif with the message “Fall into enchantment.” It embodies Iris flowers, which are in full bloom with design inspiration from Iris Flora, with fresh silhouettes and surreal atmosphere. The petals, embodied in the unique design, show three-dimensional shading with gold and silver. Furthermore, the Iris Collection completes the jewelry with a bold color contrast produced by white diamonds or enamel materials, which expresses the geometric shape of the flower and its organic beauty.

Hangeul (Korean Alphabet) Collection

MEZMIC plans a colorful Hangul consonant pendant with a youthful sensibility in the global market.

This Hangeul Collection is made of colorful and unique designs with young sensibilities, and the English pronunciation is written on the side of each Hangul consonant pendant, allowing consumers to easily purchase the pendant with special initials.

People can wear own special monogram necklace or give it to family, loved one and friend, with special meaning on birthdays, Christmas and other special days. The collection will be released in early December, and you can purchase it at the MEZMIC website, Amazon, Qoo10 and Shopee.   

Following the Lion Collection, the Hangeul collection is designed for consumers who want to express themselves with their own symbolic meaning. The collection also has a symbol where consumers living in a new lifestyle can protect themselves by wearing it for their daily lives as well as special days. 

In line with the fast-changing new lifestyle and the market trend moving from offline stores to online shopping, Park In-kyung, CEO of MEZMIC, plans to introduce products to consumers through various media such as SNS, video, and so on. 

With its fresh design and best product quality, the company strives to give a hopeful message that everyone can return to their free and comfortable daily lives by overcoming the difficult time .

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