Author Athina Paris Explores Relationships, Love Dynamics And Obsessions In Novels

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Author Athina Paris Explores Relationships, Love Dynamics And Obsessions In Novels

February 16
09:39 2021
Paris shares romances in multiple storylines in “epic melodrama”

Athina Paris, RockHill Publishing LLC’s Editor-in-Chief, has authored four novels, all exploring the depths of relationships, love dynamics, and the consequences of obsession.

Paris, born and educated in Mozambique, lived her formative years in the confines of strict convents and boarding schools.  To escape, she would dream of exotic locations and the deep curiosity of life and people. Taking refuge in libraries and bookstores, she developed an avid interest in reading and storytelling.

Her published works allow readers to travel vicariously on voyages of self-discovery while dealing with catastrophic love lives and an imperfect world.

Paris’ first novel, Love & Madness, layered and complex, is the story of a family tested by selfish ambition, misplaced passions, and an exploration of the recesses of the human psyche.

Knight Kisses tells the story of a young woman thrust into a life with a scoundrel of a father she never knew, after her mother’s death from cancer. Gabrielle must deal with loss and mistrust and turns to keeping secrets, the only thing she knows how to do.

Her third novel, When Dani Smiles shifts focus from heartbreak to empowerment.

Dani, the heroine of When Dani Smiled, is smart and self-assured, desires to be a fashion designer, and is blessed with a beauty that can turn any man’s will into putty. Ironically, it’s not her looks or designing ability but computer programming skills that land her a job in the high-pressure world of fashion, where she is soon pursued by two men; the rich playboy and heir to the company, and her jealous high school suitor, who is determined to possess her.

Lastly, Paris’ book, All I Ever Wanted: Jessie follows a friendship that never should have happened, but things have changed for Jessie and John at college. When the two families cross paths, relationships get complicated. What’s to become of this fateful encounter?

For more information on Paris and her publications, visit Rockhill Publishing, LLC at

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