Green Carbon Technologies, LLC announces new Carbon Sequestration and Forestation Efforts

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Green Carbon Technologies, LLC announces new Carbon Sequestration and Forestation Efforts

June 28
11:24 2021

Green Carbon Technologies, owned by Jim Lind and his partners Dr. Rajendra Ghimire and Matthew Klentzman, announces the formation of the company Green Carbon Technologies LLC, in cooperation with Texas Forest Services (TFS) and Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW). Projections from these organizations have stated the project will sequester an average of 7 tons of carbon dioxide per year per acre over their lifespan with initial project sites estimated to be up to 250k acres in size.

Jim Lind and the Green Carbon Technologies team help green or endeavoring to be green companies earn carbon credits by investing in the project well below international average costs for carbon sequestration projects. At an entry point of $5 per ton of CO2, companies can share in projects responsible for sequestering just under 2 million tons of CO2 per 250k acre site per year. The Green Carbon Technologies, LLC projects will have a significant impact on helping the planet heal and thrive.

Speaking about their work and the services, Jim said, “The time for balancing prudent carbon neutral practices and restoring the earth’s natural ecosystems is upon us, and the time is now to begin these efforts in earnest”.

At Green Carbon Technologies, businesses and philanthropists are provided with real time carbon sequestration data, so they know exactly how much they are helping the planet. On the proprietary drone tower, Dr. Ghimire had this to say: “The technologies included within GCT’s unique tower design include state-of-the-art carbon sequestration and analysis techniques that can accurately and sustainably measure and report progress in an auditable format using Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology”.

Matthew Klentzman emphasizes the company’s specialty in creating data and reports that any corporation or philanthropist can understand, and apply to offsetting emissions. He says, “Companies looking to offset their carbon footprint have a wide variety of options, but few fall under the truly green category at entry points as low as $5.00/ton of carbon dioxide”.

Enterprise level companies looking to offset their carbon footprint, philanthropists in the green space, and charities in the green space would find any of Green Carbon Technologies project sites, initially focused on East Texas with the capability to expand both nationally and internationally, the perfect opportunity to obtain carbon credits at a significantly lower cost than market rates.

Smarter solutions to carbon emissions, reforestation, proprietary data management, afforestation, and forestation management and auditable data make Green Carbon Technology’s projects a smart decision for any company interested in carbon neutrality.

For more information about Green Carbon Technologies, visit the websites or call the number 972-290-0050.

About Jim Lind

James Lind has an extensive career spanning more than 35 years of project execution experience in the natural resources industry and is a second generation engineer. From concept to implementation, Mr. Lind has been involved in all aspects of successful project delivery including complete fundraising.  Over the past 25 years, Mr. Lind has founded or co-founded five new enterprises, raised over $600M in third party equity and delivered an average 3.7 ROI to the equity investors averaging over 50% IRR.  His background includes direct interface with federal regulatory agencies involved in project development including EPA and serving as co-chair of the FERC subcommittee on industry standards development.

Mr. Lind graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He resides in Dallas and has two children.

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