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Rushmore Press Las Vegas Book Publishing Company

July 27
10:20 2021

LAS VEGAS – Rushmore Press, a literary publication and marketing firm in Vegas, continues to soar into its international growth as more and more authors are becoming noticed by the literary awarding bodies across the globe.

Julian Mann, one of Rushmore Press’s author ambassadors, won this year’s Literary Titan Book Award with his book “Madam Vice President” with the help of Rushmore Press.

Rushmore Press was founded 18 years ago as a company that provides authors effective and most competitive book publishing related services. They are an independent literary agency and is also widely known as a business dealing with film, radio and television production.


Rushmore Press is one of the leading brands that published the works by many successful authors worldwide. From winning forty-one international literary awards (Dr. Dawn Menge) with the Queen Vernita’s Visitors educational series to mental health advocate Reggie Burton (R.Avery Burton) author of the book titled “This is Depression”.

Year after year, they have expanded their reach and upgraded their facility and tools to gather techniques and formulas shareable to emerging authors and acclaimed writer aspirants. They also aim to target more to millions of readers, assuring a great base of audience for their ambassadors.

Now, writers who envisions publishing their books and aim to contribute to the great list of literary and non-fictional libraries of humanity or the publishing landscape as a whole, can have their works be read, through Rushmore Press.

Rushmore firsthand knowledge and experience provide authors with a unique understanding of how the creation and distribution of Rushmore Press Books works.


As a new author, one needs to pull out all the stops to market their book. From expanding reach through digital or traditional mediums in Rushmore Press Media LLC or arranging a great far Rushmore Events like book signing or book film showing, Rushmore Press can certainly help struggling writers personally reach out to potential readers. So if one is planning to forgo into conventional method and sign with Rushmore, here’s the process he or she needs to be familiar with:

Step 1. Manuscript Submission

Rushmore Press will take composition for its possible market. Their literary advisor will evaluate and qualify it following the company’s target genre and readers. Once the review is done, writer will proceed to the Rushmore Press Reviews process.

Step 2. Rushmore Press Reviews (ETA 2-3 days)

Rushmore Press will send the book to the affiliate reviewers to ensure that it levels Rushmore Press’s literary standards. This allows the book to have a higher chance of getting represented based on how it fits our literary agent’s expectations.

Step 3. Endorsement (ETA 24 hours)

After the book has been fully evaluated for its literary qualifications, it will be endorsed to the Rushmore Press team of experts for marketing. Rushmore Press professionals will design a unique program for the book to ensure that it gets a huge readership.

Step 4. Proposal

Rushmore Press will write up a contract and talk through the details. This is to ensure that Rushmore Press and the author have a mutual understanding before getting to the final decision of proceeding with the partnership.

Lastly, get far more exposure and better results for the investment, submit the manuscripts and have it evaluated by Rushmore.

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