OAS Platform Redundancy Prevents Communication Breakdown, Database Failures, & Application Errors

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OAS Platform Redundancy Prevents Communication Breakdown, Database Failures, & Application Errors

August 03
13:40 2021
When it comes to IIoT platforms, users need to ensure data accuracy and system reliability. However, IIoT system efficiency largely depends on ensuring the uptime of many factors. Industrial IoT applications often encounter issues such as communication breakdown, database failures, network loss, and application errors that may cause significant downtime and data loss.

The leading IIoT solutions provider, Open Automation Software provides complete assistance to their platform users to enable them to prevent downtime. OAS specializes in offering MQTT, OPC UA, HMI, SCADA, data historian, and IoT technology services that enable businesses and organizations to leverage the benefits of industrial automation and IoT. The company has developed Universal Driver Interface SDK (UDI) that ensures seamless connectivity between devices, data, and APIs. The OAS Platform provides secure networking solutions to move, monitor, and connect data.

Unlike other IIoT solutions that only work optimally under perfect conditions, the OAS platform is designed to anticipate and respond to failure. The reliability and redundancy of the OAS platform make it the safest choice for industrial applications. A senior OAS platform developer says, “There are several possible points of failure in a typical end-to-end industrial application. An IIoT system consists of a data source (equipment generating data), PLC, data server (software), database, and HMI or Application that read data from the data server. Any issue in any of these components could cause downtime and data loss. But if any of these components fail or encounter some issue, the OAS Platform used as Data Server can prevent the problems to ensure system availability for the end-users. Driver Interface Failover and Client Application Failover allow users to add redundancy to their application.”

Communications and Data Source Failures are common problems faced by IIoT applications. For instance, connected equipment or machine in the industry can break down or malfunction due to scheduled maintenance or faulty components. To prevent this issue, the OAS platform has an automated switchover that allows enabling and disabling communications. “Problems like data server failures could make network unreachable. However, OAS can be deployed in parallel for multiple redundant servers that have the ability to automatically enable or disable communications. OAS Driver Interface Failover allows each interface to enable a failover connection if the primary connection fails. Users can enable the failover option through the driver interface property Enable Failover,” added OAS system developer.

About OAS:

Open Automation Software is renowned for offering the most effective and reliable IIoT solutions. As a well-established IoT company with experience of more than 25 years, OAS has become the most trusted source for the latest MQTT, OPC UA, HMI, SCADA, data historian, and IoT services. Their IIoT and edge computing solutions help businesses to create efficient industrial automation and IoT structure.

For more information and details, please visit https://openautomationsoftware.com/

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