Spectra Sculpt introduces ORION, an advanced contouring home device transforming the beauty industry.

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Spectra Sculpt introduces ORION, an advanced contouring home device transforming the beauty industry.

October 26
23:18 2022
ORION is the world’s first automatic and hands-free home device developed to improve all facial areas with only one placement. It has been featured as the favorite microcurrent device by Forbes magazine.

According to the New York Post, more than 25% of women start worrying about wrinkles in their early twenties, with 1 in 3 women using anti-aging creams by age 35.

Spectra Sculpt is the latest in brilliant Swiss innovation. Advanced cutting-edge technology scientifically engineered to achieve professional results at home! Its unique tuned Quantum EMS technology combines findings of modern physics and delivers calibrated current to support cell regeneration and molecular repair to deliver long-term results for tightening and toning your face and legs.

Introducing the world’s first automatic and hands-free home device that sets time-consuming skincare regimes to the past. Spectra Sculpt is the first-of-its-kind home device that does the work without needing manual face massaging, which sometimes takes up to 20 minutes daily. With its superior sleek design and precisely calculated radius in output, focused frequencies, and wavelength, ORION prevents users from strengthening the wrong muscle groups, which is common with manually applied home devices. Users can enjoy their daily treatments with its built-in program while moving around and focusing on other daily tasks.

The gravitational pull of facial muscles causes wrinkles and sagging skin to contribute significantly to aging. SPECTRA SCULPT offers a solution to re-create each facial structure to its natural youthful state instead of unwanted changes in expression from injectables. It helps tone and tightens facial features and legs without heat or controlled damage commonly used with HIFU, ultrasound, or radiofrequency. Yet it Targets many aging concerns, including sagging skin, wrinkles, and even cellulite! View before and after images from real users.

It is designed to promote the skin’s natural regeneration process and stimulate collagen and ATP production, having users’ cells behave like they are in their 20s in only 15 minutes a day. Its program is able to assist, much like sport, with the increase of the actual number of energy-producing mitochondria, unlike regular microcurrent by just stimulating the existing amount. 

ORION is 100% developed in Switzerland by women who began their pioneering work in science with semester studies in quantum mechanics at the University of Georgetown, astrophysics in Zurich, and certified by the University of Harvard in cellular biology. “​Our mission is to elevate the beauty industry and its perspective on anti-aging procedures by making it equally accessible for everyone.” Spectra sculpt offers a solution for many concerns, compact yet powerful in one device with exceptional engineering.

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