BRU, Fresh Brewed Tea With The Push Of A Button, Saves Tea Drinkers Time and Energy

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BRU, Fresh Brewed Tea With The Push Of A Button, Saves Tea Drinkers Time and Energy

October 15
13:48 2019
Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, BRU machines make the perfect cup of tea at the push of a button every time.

The world’s first automated tea machine for loose tea leaves and tea bags, BRÜ makes the perfect cup of tea each time while minimizing waste and inconsistencies in the traditional brewing process. BRÜ lets users discover and control every step of brewing, allowing users to produce the ‘perfect cup’ according to their unique taste preferences.

Compatible with any type of tea, save money by avoiding expensive tea capsules or pods by instead using loose-leaves or tea bags. With intuitive controls, BRÜ is easy to use and allows you to schedule brewing times, set water temperatures, and select cup sizes from various defaults. Each machine comes with a two-liter water tank and built-in safety sensors, and even includes sanitation features such as auto-cleaning and auto-flushing.

BRÜ+, a next-tier model of the BRÜ machine, supports the same features and functionality; however, it includes a ring outlet feature that dispenses hot water evenly around the rim of the glass chamber to flush out every last drop of tea, leaving the reservoir fresh and clean. Two remaining advanced features will be added to the BRÜ+ model pending success of BRÜ’s Kickstarter campaign.

Included with each BRÜ machine is a stainless-steel spoon for teabags and a micro-mech sieve for tea leaves. With BRÜ, the ‘perfect cup’ of tea has never been so close. Generous contributions toward this project will be used to develop and distribute BRU machines, and to develop associated technologies and functionalities.

The Kickstarter campaign is located on the web at: 

Supporters around the world can back this project by making generous pledges and donations. Supporters can make pledges ranging from CHF 20 to CHF 100 or more, and each pledge comes varying rewards, including a redeemable gift card, BRU glass mug, or BRU machine. Moreover, some associated rewards are being offered with worldwide availability starting in April 2020. More information is available on the Kickstarter campaign page, but be sure to act fast.


Based in Zürich, Switzerland, BRÜ comes from a dream, a vision, and a mission to make tea preparation effortless and streamlined. A representative of tea drinkers around the world, BRÜ believes in the power of efficient tea brewing that makes the perfect cup of tea attainable time and again.

Media Contact
Company Name: Bru Tea GmbH
Contact Person: Bogdan Krinitchko
Email: Send Email
Phone: +41768134700
Address:Vulkanstrasse 110C 8048
City: Zürich
Country: Switzerland

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