Fitness Enthusiast, Liz Nierzwicki cracks the code of eternal bliss in “Happy Healthy Fit”

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Fitness Enthusiast, Liz Nierzwicki cracks the code of eternal bliss in “Happy Healthy Fit”

July 27
17:44 2020
Serial entrepreneur, and bestselling author, Liz Nierzwicki, offers life-transforming tips to all categories of readers “Happy Healthy Fit”

Liz Nierzwicki launched a book titled “Happy Healthy Fit” to serve as a guide for millions of people struggling to live healthily and happily. The book chronicles the life of the author and how she transformed from a “Chubby Mom” to a Lean Fitness Model. The comprehensive guide covers three pertinent categories – Healthy Living, Spirituality, and Exercise & Fitness, detailing how to become happy, healthy, and fit.

Over the years, several fitness solutions and lifestyle guides have been developed by different categories of people and institutions. Unfortunately, many of the available solutions have done little to better the condition of users. This can be largely attributed to the impracticality of such solutions, which is where Liz Nierzwicki is looking to make a difference with “Happy Healthy Fit.”

The book provides tips on how to manage stress, fix the digestive system, and reach one’s desired fitness goals. Happy Healthy Fit is already a best seller in different parts of the world, including the US, France, Australia, Canada, and the UK, further reiterating the quality of the content. The book details how the single mom, serial entrepreneur and author struggled with emotional binge eating and excessive workouts and her eventual triumph over the habits that led to her “unhappiness.”

For more information about Happy Healthy Fit and how Liz Nierzwicki aims to continue transforming the lives of millions of people across the globe, please visit Facebook and Twitter.

About Liz Nierzwicki

Liz Nierzwicki is a healer, author, spiritual philosopher, multi-business founder and owner, and creator of multiple online transformational programs. Liz has used several platforms to share her wealth of knowledge with tons of people across the globe, helping them to stay fit, healthy, and happy.

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