Rekallit Personalizes Learning on the Go

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Rekallit Personalizes Learning on the Go

October 13
02:51 2020

Make learning intuitive, smart and easy with the help of the Rekallit App. Rekallit unlocks your learning potential, no matter where you are. 

Learning based mobile platforms have become the new normal,enabling new opportunities to optimize the personalized growth and development of users interested in self growth. 

Rekallit aims to transform the “traditional” learning experience by making daily learning more enjoyable and effective. Through engaging video content, Rekallit locks in key insights and ideas into long-term retention that users can implement in everyday life. 

Rekallit’s learning experience primarily focuses on video content. Data shows 90% of information consumed by humans is in the form of books. Instead of spending hours reading books, Rekallit users enjoy bite-sized videos explicitly designed to enhance the learning experience. The visuals and graphics used for Rekallit’s learning videos are all optimized to improve learning and information retention.

Rekallit also makes use of smart AI to help highlight significant points and illustrate concepts discussed in non-fiction books. Having all the relevant information in video format with engaging graphics and voiceover makes the learning experience more comforting and accessible. Rekallit’s algorithm uses AI to understand and implement users’ learning habits more effectively to help you explore your chosen topic. Our app offers a completely customized learning experience that you will not find anywhere else!

Rekallit is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that maximizes learning. Users can fully utilize the Rekallit experience with any smart device they’re comfortable with. With Rekallit, locking information into long-term retention becomes a breeze!

Interested in a topic/book but don’t have the time? Rekallit allows users to save and favorite books for later. Learn when you’re ready! 

Those interested in developing an edge can sign up early for Rekallit by backing this project through our Kickstarter page. Our campaign offers one time deals that learning enthusiasts will utilize the benefits for years to come. Early app access is included with all kickstarter pledges; your membership does not start until Rekallit is live to the public! 

To learn more about Rekallit, please visit:

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Company Name: Rekallit
City: Bloomington
State: Illinois
Country: United Kingdom

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