Transaction Engineer Academy Leads Aspiring Real Estate Investors To Financial Freedom

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Transaction Engineer Academy Leads Aspiring Real Estate Investors To Financial Freedom

January 18
23:30 2021
Transaction Engineer Academy Leads Aspiring Real Estate Investors To Financial Freedom

The real estate industry is a tough jungle to navigate. Whether one is a novice in the field or a seasoned professional, having knowledge and insights is still a must for one to stay on top of the game. Transaction Engineer Academy focuses on equipping its students to be fully engaged in the real estate scene and setting them financially-free through creative real estate strategies.

Transaction Engineer Academy provides comprehensive training courses and one-on-one coaching. Unlike others in the field, the company tailors its programs to every level of students looking to enter real estate as professionals or investors. The strategies are uniquely developed to help their students excel in the industry when it comes to buying and selling properties, maximizing profits, and opportunities. 

“Our training includes wholesaling houses, wholesaling vacant land, wholesaling lease options, sandwich lease options, owner financing, options, and renovations,” shared Eddie Raymond Sr., founder and CEO. Also known as Mr. Transaction Engineer, Eddie wants to fulfill his mission of uplifting others who are in dire need of financial restoration through real estate. He aims for Transaction Engineer Academy to help individuals who are unsatisfied with their current careers or struggle to land another job to become financially independent.

Additionally, Transaction Engineer Academy is best known for its unparalleled customer service. “We hold out students by the hand and help them get to the finish line,” said Eddie. It’s never an easy feat to be responsible for his students’ success, but Eddie strives to get them to greater heights.

Eddie personally understands what real estate can do to make someone financially free. “Real estate helped me change my life 16 years ago,” the CEO shared. “I served a 41-month bid and quickly realized with a background it’s hard to get a job. I had to get a warehouse job for $11 an hour. That was pretty hard with three kids,” he added.

Thankfully, Eddie’s mother believed that he had the potential to lead a better life for himself and his family. She invested $5000 into Eddie’s education, kickstarting his career in real estate. “I quit my job and took the information quickly and implemented it. Long story short real estate has changed my life and it has opened up to other opportunities for me. That’s why I started my training academy to help people live their best life,” said Eddie.

Furthermore, with Transaction Engineer Academy’s success, Eddie was able to fund his passion for creating music. This year, he built and started his own record label called Never Give Up Never Quit Music. The label has already taken off and produced songs, including a new single entitled Make Love to You Baby. He’s best known in the music scene as Lord Enock the Great. The song is available on all music streaming platforms, reading audiences nationwide. “Real estate doesn’t have to be your passion, but let it fund your passion,” said the CEO.

Asked what he wants to impart to aspiring real estate professionals, Eddie said, “Believe in yourself and the God within you. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Learn more about Transaction Engineer Academy on its website.

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