NRG Clean Power: How They’re Playing Their Part in The Fight For Climate Change

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NRG Clean Power: How They’re Playing Their Part in The Fight For Climate Change

February 15
20:44 2021

It is no secret, climate change is an imminent issue, and we must all do something about it. From the alarming rise in sea levels to the unpredictable weather patterns and degraded air quality, the evidence that there is a dire need for change in our energy consumption habits is all around us. While many energy companies may choose to turn a blind eye to their industry’s pertinent role in such a tragedy, one company, NRG Clean Power, has chosen to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

NRG Clean Power is the leading clean power company serving both California and Texas. Not your typical energy company, they are on a mission to change the way energy is produced, consumed, and stored. To do this, they have opted to ditch the traditional energy production model that relies on fossil fuels and trade it in for a safer and cleaner option – solar technology.

According to the American Institute of Architects, if we want to avoid seeing the worse implications of climate change on a global scale, we will need to reduce the levels of greenhouse gas emissions by at least half by the year 2030. That is why a significant emphasis on switching to solar energy is so important. “A residential solar panel system has the capability of providing for the electricity needs of an entire home with about 80% lower carbon emissions than fossil fuels,” says NRG Clean Power. To date, they have already helped over 5,000 homes in California alone switch to solar and reduce their carbon footprint, and this is only the beginning. They envision a future where zero fossil fuels are used for energy.

To actualize their goal of zero fossil fuels, NRG Clean Power offers three main cutting-edge solutions. The first is a solar system design option that leverages top-tier products from state-of-the-art companies such as Tesla, LG, Solaria, Hyundai, REC, SolarEdge, and Enpase. A solar system set up will help capture the sun’s energy and convert it into energy that can be used for electricity and power in a residential or commercial building. Understanding that the switch to solar is a new experience for the average customer, they provide exceptional guidance to walk each customer through the entire process from start to finish. This includes assisting customers in getting permits, arranging inspections, and getting all necessary clearances from Homeowners Associations and utility companies. This solution helps save the environment and helps save homeowners thousands of dollars a year on their utility bills.

To complement their solar panel installations, customers can also decide to purchase a solar battery. A solar battery is used to store and conserve any unused energy produced by the solar panel. This reserved energy can then be used at a later time. This solution allows customers to be less reliant on the energy grid, meaning that they can still independently power their home even in times of power outages.

Finally, NRG Clean Power offers home installations of charging stations where electric vehicle owners can charge their car using solar technology instead of gas. This 240v home charger allows electric vehicle owners to charge their car up to six times faster than the traditional 120v chargers.

As NRG Clean Power focuses on helping people reduce their carbon footprint, they understand it takes a collaborative effort from many other industries and organizations to maximize their environmentalist efforts. That is why they have partnered with Plastic Oceans International, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose goal is to help end plastic pollution, regenerate communities, and build a healthier planet for many years to come. A portion of all of NRG Clean Power’s sales goes directly to Plastic Oceans’ efforts in combating plastic pollution around the globe. This means that whenever someone purchases from NRG Clean Power, they participate in a two-fold contribution to the earth’s present and future wellness.

Cutting edge technology paired with award-winning customer service and over thirty years of experiential knowledge makes NRG Clean Power a principal player in the quest to protect Earth and its ecosystems.

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