Covid-19 frontline health worker, Dan Montgomery opens a Gofundme for his homelessness and living expenses

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Covid-19 frontline health worker, Dan Montgomery opens a Gofundme for his homelessness and living expenses

February 25
16:58 2021

Dan Montgomery, an Arizona-based Covid-19 frontline health worker has opened a gofundme account where he’s seeking help from kind-hearted people to buy a house of his own and deal with living expenses.

COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on families and communities across the country and around the world. Margot Kushel, MD, a national expert on homelessness, recently observed that many of the people who need to keep working are the very same people who are at risk for homelessness; are living in overcrowded houses; or, in many cases, are experiencing homelessness. They can’t just Zoom into their jobs; they perform essential work: restaurant work, cleaning, and transit. They can’t afford to get sick, and yet they are some of the least protected and lowest-paid workers. 

Dan Montgomery has seen himself in this particular category as mentioned by Margot Kushel. Working as a front-line worker in USA Arizona, Dan’s job description is picking up covid tests at the testing site and running them to the lab, which makes his chance of being infected with the virus much more. He’s done this with the mindset and love he has for his country and keeping America safe.

Speaking about himself, Dan Montgomery said: “Hi, my name is Dan Montgomery. I am a covid 19 front line workers, currently homeless and I need your help to buy a place of my own and deal with living expenses. This COVID-19 pandemic has really hit everyone hard. I am currently struggling with living expenses as I can not stay where I am currently living with my current work I need to stay away or isolated myself from most of the people I love most and need to rent or buy a house for me to stay. I put my life on the line to help America stay safe, Please help in whatever way you can and keep us in your thought and prayer as we fight this pandemic together”.

Margot Kushel once said that “Our humanity has always been wrapped up in other people’s humanities. Something like a pandemic makes it clear that for a society to be healthy, we need to attend to the health needs of everyone.” indeed, one of the things that have given mankind resilience during this crisis has been witnessing the incredible acts of kindness and support happening around the country and world. It’s an act of kindness that Dan Montgomery needs to continue rendering his life-saving services to his beloved country, America.

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