Seasoned Author Sayed H. Rohani Now Has Over 17 Books on Amazon

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Seasoned Author Sayed H. Rohani Now Has Over 17 Books on Amazon

March 25
22:45 2021
Sayed H. Rohani is an established author with a wide collection of books published. With his main book “The Interpretation of the Secret Letters of the Noble Quran” doing wonders on Amazon, the rest of the work from the writer also shows considerable promise.

Sayed H. Rohani is a published author with as many as over 17 books available on Amazon. The seasoned writer has established a reputation of his own in the industry, with back to back impressive works that are doing significantly well on Amazon.

The main book launched by Sayed H. Rohani was released in July 2019 titled “The Interpretation of the Secret Letters of the Noble Quran”. The book is available on this link and many critics have given it considerable acclaim. The book claims to have decoded the secret letters of the Noble Quran, which had been too impenetrable to decode before.

Apart from the main book, the author also has several works of fiction and non-fiction. Perhaps the most notable of the fiction books include “Into the Shadows, Into the Light” and “Wedding in the Sandcastle”, both of which are riveting stories. “Humanity May Fall, Not Truth and Justice” as well as “Tears of an Orphan Girl” are also exceptional examples of female-led stories that are bound to inspire.

Lastly, the last of the fiction books offers quite a promising read as well. The historical novel “Peace is the Fruit of Justice, Hate the Seed of Prejudice” is a captivating story backed with critical research on the life of King Dhatusena and his son King Kassapa.

On the other hand are the non-fiction books, such as “Predestination and Free Will” as well as “The Evergreen Roses of Wisdom” and “The Allegories of the Noble Quran: A Manifestation of the Truths”. A sense of spirituality definitely persists in the non-fiction publications by Sayed H. Rohani which is a treat for readers with similar interests.

The impressive arsenal of publications from the author also has short stories, such as “The Three Shepherds”, “Tradition the Goddess”, “The Woman Who Wished to Be a Singer”, “Stoned to Death”, and “In Search of True Love”. Each of these offer a fantastic read for those with a taste for short stories. 

Needless to say, Sayed H. Rohani is a gem of a find for any book lover looking to increase their collection of reads with fresh, thought provoking perspectives and captivating stories.

For more information on the writer, contact him at [email protected].

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