Black and Veteran Owned Candle Company Is Creating Buzz with the Expansion of their Brand

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Black and Veteran Owned Candle Company Is Creating Buzz with the Expansion of their Brand

April 05
07:16 2021

Beaumont, CA – Taking the candle shopping experience to a whole new level, black and veteran-owned company MCXI Candles is expanding its product collection and using the power of technology as a way of getting the word out. This unique brand has already proven its exceptional ability to create a buzz with its attention-grabbing titles and images. With booming attention from celebrities such as Love and Hip Hop star Trina, TLC member T-Boz, National syndicated radio Host Big Boy and many others, the brand is on it’s way to making incredible milestones in the candle industry.

In order to keep up with the rise and accommodate the growth the company is seeing, MCXI Candles has crafted an innovative collection of apparel that aims to take on a new way of marketing. Their collection of “Scannable Wear” is available now in a variety of pieces with the black and white MCXI logo displayed to show your love and support for the brand. What makes these items exceptionally special is that they have a QR code directly on all of the t-shirts and hoodies. When scanned, this unique code instantly directs customers to the main MCXI Candles website, where they can browse new items and get a closer look into the brand and what they represent. Widely known for the incredibly scented candles, multifunctional waxes, and passion for curating the ultimate ambiance, MCXI Candles takes all of their ideas to the next level and makes them a true reality. With their newest venture being no different with their creative process, they wanted to expand their inventory and simultaneously explore new ways to market their company. “There’s nothing else like it”, says founder and US Army Veteran Eda Boss.  

As they reach new heights with their brand, they are also ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to work alongside MCXI Candles and can be along for the ride. They currently have an affiliate program where partners can earn a commission for sales generated by promoting and highlighting on their social media platforms. While continuing to build relationships with its audience and potential clients, the MCXI Candles Instagram has been consistent with its branding and implementing strategies that align with its mission and core values. 

With the intention to expand their brand even further down the line, MCXI Candles has many several ideas in the works. It is their vision continues to invent outside the box to provide their customers with one-of-a-kind products that excite and inspire them to express their confidence and feel empowered to do so every day. 

For more information on MCXI Candles and to stay up to date on their latest releases, be sure to follow them on Instagram and visit their store at

The Benefits of 100% Soy Wax Candles: Hint it’s Better Than You Think 

When it comes to shopping for the perfect candle, it’s not always about the scent and aroma factor. Although important to many customers, more and more exploration is being conducted to get the full effect on candles. As research evolves and factories begin to experiment with different types of waxes and the benefits are clear, soy wax is top tier for multiple reasons.

MCXI Candles are made with Natural Soy Wax.

Candles can be made from paraffin wax, soy wax, palm wax, and granulated wax, MCXI Candles are 100%  natural and can certainly set your candles apart from the rest. Derived from the soybean, soy wax stems from hydrogenated vegetable oil that turns a solid at room temperature. After the process of being cleaned, cracked, and rolled out, it naturally creates a better alternative to the harmful and toxic paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is created through an oil purification process that uses petroleum, coal, or oil shale. Although it is often used in big retail companies because of it’s cheap cost to make them, they aren’t as beneficial as using soy wax.

It is Environmentally Friendly

MCXI Candles are made from environmentally friendly and reusable resources, which leads to a cleaner-burning process. Without any carcinogens or pollutants, you are less likely to trigger allergic reactions while the candle is burning. Soy wax saves you money long term because it has a slower and cooler burn that lasts 30-50% longer than paraffin candles. As a safer alternative, it completely shatters any of the initial benefits from the candles that are often found in your local retailers.

Can be Used as Massage Oil

Due to the ingredient properties that are in MCXI Candles, this may be the most unique and physically benefitting addition to buying a 100% soy wax candle. With a relatively low melting point, meaning it doesn’t burn the skin if you properly, MCXI Candles behaves more like an oil than a wax when gently used on the bare skin. With the opportunity to have a massage oil at your fingertips, people are certainly more inclined to use this two-for-one product, especially when the candles are used to enhance the ambiance for intimacy. You would not be able to implement that same effect for paraffin or other types of waxes, and if you tried, you would not be experiencing the same pleasure you would with MCXI Candles soy wax. Other fragrances and plug-ins used to create an intentional aroma in a room often are made with harsh chemicals and toxins that cause headaches and irritate sinuses. Stick with all-natural in the bedroom and watch the magic unfold.

There are so many reasons to get rid of your current line-up of candles and make the switch to MCXI Candles. With a healthier burn and benefits for everyone to enjoy, the experience of naturally formed wax speaks for itself. If you’d like to see them for yourself, be sure to visit MCXI Candles, where you’ll find a variety of soy wax candles available in many delightful scents.

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