Several surface treatment methods for stainless steel pipes

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Several surface treatment methods for stainless steel pipes

April 08
12:54 2021


When most stainless steel pipes leave the factory, they are the same as most of the products people see in people’s lives. The surface is polished, showing a silver-white metallic luster, and is very flat and smooth. This is the bright surface pipe that everyone often calls.


Stainless steel round welded pipe

In addition, for those factories that make high-end products, ordinary bright-surface tubes cannot meet the product requirements, so on this basis, more demanding surface treatment methods are derived. Mirror tube, the surface of this material has the advantages of high brightness and strong aesthetics, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to scratch and requires caution during use.

In addition, with the continuous advancement of stainless steel pipe processing technology, there are many kinds of processed pipes on the market. Among them, we often see some very fine lines on the surface of some pipes, which can be seen and are very beautiful. In fact, this is one of the most common processing techniques for pipes-wire drawing.

With the development of society, people’s vision has become more and more critical. In the past, as long as the surface of the pipe is smooth and flat, what is required is not just that simple. People have begun to chase the processing technology of pipes for better visual effects and more beautiful appearance. Among them, the brushed pipes are the most common, and the lines can be All kinds. people usually have the following types: straight wire tube, round wire tube, snow pattern, nylon pattern. The most common and popular one is the straight thread pattern. The straight thread pattern is an uninterrupted pattern from top to bottom. Generally, a fixed drawing machine can be used to move back and forth. The relative cost of the straight thread pattern is also the lowest among these kinds of patterns.

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