Answers to Common Questions When Using Laser Cutting Machine

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Answers to Common Questions When Using Laser Cutting Machine

June 07
14:26 2021

The laser cutting machine will inevitably encounter some problems in the cutting process. Guohong Laser has sorted out some common problems in the cutting process for you this time, let us take a look at it.

Ⅰ. What is the reason for the rapid contamination of the cover lens?

First, determine the type of pollutants. Pollutants usually include waste residue, oil stains, dust, water mist, and mixtures.

1. Waste residue: It is mainly due to improper parameter settings that the cutting waste splashes on the lens. It can be solved by adjusting the process parameters of cutting or perforation, such as follow-up height, cutting air pressure, laser pulse parameters, etc.

2. Oil stains or dust: the auxiliary gas itself or the gas circulation pipeline is polluted. It is possible to prevent and control by adding a filter device, filter oil or filter dust.

3. Water mist: Generally caused by excessive temperature difference. The ambient temperature is too high, the cutting gas temperature is too low, and the protective mirror is formed by condensation in the ambient temperature. You can properly adjust the temperature of the two to make it similar to solve the problem.


Cover Lens

Ⅱ. How to deal with the heating of the cutting nozzle for cutting carbon steel plates, and what causes it?

With the increase of laser power, in order to pursue speed and section brightness, thick plates are also beginning to be cut with high power vaporization, and small nozzles need to be matched.


Causes of heating when cutting carbon steel:

1. The cutting gas flow is small, and the copper nozzle cannot be sufficiently cooled. High-pressure nitrogen can be used as auxiliary gas, and the cooling effect of high-pressure nitrogen is good.

2. No copper nozzle is used to cool the gas. Adapting the cooling gas of the copper nozzle can reduce the heat generated by the copper nozzle.

3. With high focus cutting, the laser is easy to hit the small nozzle, causing the nozzle to overheat. You must adjust the focus or increase the nozzle diameter when the nozzle is not hot.

4. When carbon steel is cut, an oxidation reaction occurs and a lot of heat is generated. This situation cannot be avoided, and the distance between the nozzle and the material can be adjusted appropriately.


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