1000-3000W Cutting Parameter Setting Method of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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1000-3000W Cutting Parameter Setting Method of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

June 07
14:30 2021

When using a fiber laser cutting machine to cut stainless steel, it can achieve rapid cutting, high-precision cutting and non-deformation cutting. However, in order to achieve the best results, the cutting machine parameters still need to be set during cutting. The main cutting parameters of laser cutting are: laser power, beam transverse mode, polarization direction, focal length and defocusing amount, cutting speed, auxiliary gas and its flow rate.


Parameter data of fiber laser cutting machine cutting stainless steel

When adjusting the parameter data when cutting stainless steel, it is recommended to modify the laser cutting machine settings according to the frequently occurring problems in stainless steel plate cutting.

The slit width is generally about 0.5mm, which is related to factors such as the nature and thickness of the material being cut, the size of the laser power, the focal length and focus position, the diameter of the laser beam, the pressure and flow rate of the blowing gas.

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The speed increases with the increase of laser power and jet pressure, and decreases with the increase of the thickness of the material to be cut. For example, under the same 3000W power, the cutting speed of 6mm stainless steel plate can reach 3m/min, while the speed of cutting 8mm stainless steel plate is only 1.2m/min. The cutting speed is also related to the metal material being cut. For example, under 3000W power, the cutting speed of 6mm stainless steel can reach 3m/min, while the cutting speed of 6mm aluminum is only 2m/min.

The auxiliary gas improves the cutting efficiency and cutting quality. Because the laser reflectivity of the metal surface can be as high as 95%, the laser energy cannot be effectively injected into the metal surface. Blowing oxygen or compressed air can promote the oxidation of the metal surface, which can increase the absorption rate of the laser to improve the cutting efficiency.


Fiber laser cutting machine cutting sample display

For laser cutting machine parameter settings, the machine parameters need to be adjusted step by step during the cutting process. The above data is for reference only. The actual cutting effect is determined by various factors such as the site environment and the material itself.

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