With Pandemic Closing Down Art Galleries Worldwide, A Renowned German Artist Starts an Online Shop to Exhibit His Artwork

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With Pandemic Closing Down Art Galleries Worldwide, A Renowned German Artist Starts an Online Shop to Exhibit His Artwork

July 08
03:37 2021

Hamburg, Germany – July 7, 2021 – Christian Blau has proudly announced that contrary to the market laws of the gallery business, he opened his own sales platform on the internet. Christian Blau is a globally renowned German artist, who specializes in the fields of material painting, photography, sound objects, and installations. Through his masterpieces ironically and critically, he is often fond of expressing his comments on the media and pop-culture-influenced society. With a rich catalog and a long list of exhibitions worldwide to his credit, Christian is one of the first major artists of global fame to go online amid the ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19.

“Marketing and commercial selling is a hot topic in the art business, so I have decided to face the signs of the times by starting my online shop.” Says Christian Blau, while talking about his latest online venture. “Self-marketing for artists has never been easy, but the situation became drastic in corona times, which is why I have decided to go my own way and exhibit my work online.” He added. Born in Hamburg in 1960, the renowned German artist has been actively working in the field of musical art since 1982 and has worked as a drummer, lyricist, and composer. In 1992, he created his first works using sand, ash, and lead and since 1993, he began exhibiting as an artist.

Christian Blau is a unique European artist and his drawn images, paint and art techniques, and text overlap and challenges the viewer not to trust their first impression. In 21st century contemporary art, his work is known for generating a unique sense of curiosity in the eyes and minds of its admirers. The ongoing Global Pandemic of COVID-19 has made everyone suffer and artists are no exception with canceled or postponed exhibitions and art galleries worldwide closing down, but the artist who was once exhibiting worldwide has found new ways to showcase his work to the world by using the online tools of technology.

On his new online platform, the German artist provides detailed information about his work with videos. The works of art and sound objects can be bought on his platform as quickly as fashion and groceries can be bought in conventional online shops. Moreover, art lovers from outside Europe and around the world can even save VAT on the works of art. The artist is welcoming everyone to visit his online store and be the first ones to get a hold of his unique masterpieces that are now available online.

For more information and to order Christian’s masterpieces now, please visit his online shop at:




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