Sea Peach Set To Release Genkyo Chaos The First Metaverse Game In Asia

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Sea Peach Set To Release Genkyo Chaos The First Metaverse Game In Asia

January 10
12:50 2022
Innovative fashion art brand, announces plans to release, Genkyo Chaos, a metaverse game amidst partnership with RBG (Rudolf-Budja-Gallery)

The team at Sea Peach have taken their pursuit of leveraging the inherent solutions of blockchain to create a unique experience for all categories of clients as the company recently announced plans to launch the Genkyo Chaos in March. The metaverse online game project is the first-of-its-kind in Asia, combining the development of new energy and the sale of NFT artwork. In a related development, the fashion art brand has a partnership with RBG (Rudolf-Budja-Gallery), with art galleries and independent exhibition halls in Miami and Austria.

The blockchain space continues to evolve, with the emergence of the increasingly popular NFT concept further substantiating this claim. Over the years, several NFT projects have been developed to meet the growing and diverse needs of different categories of crypto enthusiasts. Despite the increasing popularity of non-fungible tokens, otherwise known as NFTs, more people are yet to harness its immense features and benefits. However, Sea Peach seeks to change this narrative as reiterated by the projects undertaken by the brand.

The Genkyo Chaos game is set in the early 21st century after the “Crystal Valentine’s Day” event led to the scarcity of energy and the nonexistence of the United States’ global hegemony. The gameplay is particularly unique, creating a scenario of no government supervision, AI technology-led, private capital operation, and a situation regarded as the Noah’s Ark in the last days.

Features of Genkyo Chaos include the ability to trade NFTs for profits, the sale and purchase of virtual properties, the opportunity to earn Bitcoin for completing missions, and the creation of a Vtuber to livestream and earn more profits.

In addition to making history with Genkyo Chaos, Sea Peach is also pushing boundaries across other fronts, participating in art Basel and Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol), Richter (Gerhard Richter), Murakami Takashi, and other well-known artists jointly exhibiting in what has been defined as “art of the times.”

Sea Peach has expressed their commitment to manual customization of pieces. Each piece of “sea peach” is unique and equipped with a member-specific NFT identification code, enabling customers to freely buy and sell in their personal wallets. As part of the goal of encouraging participation in the metaverse, Sea Peach has announced a 50% discount during Double Eleven, allowing traders and investors to own their favorite piece at half the original price.

The project is a result of collaboration between the European Art League (EAB), the Rockefeller Foundation, and the RGB Art Museum and is expanding their scale and level of Genkyo Games. In addition to the several features of the game, Genkyo will also give a generous amount of cryptocurrency airdrop materials as players join, as a starting resource and an incentive. All cryptocurrencies used in the game will also be supplied by SAFS LLC, which will directly supply Neom urban mines in the future, with all artworks in the game will also be sold and listed on the platform by SeaPeach.

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