Jiho Chen, Co-founder of Shoplazza, present at 2021 Effie Greater China International Summit, revealing the source power of outrun Chinese brands

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Jiho Chen, Co-founder of Shoplazza, present at 2021 Effie Greater China International Summit, revealing the source power of outrun Chinese brands

January 11
02:04 2022

On December 27-29, 2021, the 2021 Effie Greater China International Summit was held at the Houtan E-sports Center of Shanghai World Expo. In the section “New Prospect of Consumption” on the morning of December 29, Mr. Jiho Chen, co-founder of Shoplazza, delivered a keynote speech to show a “new prospect” of outrun Chinese brands to all attendees.

With the theme of “UNTHINKABLE, exploring the future and enlightening change”, this Summit consists of 11 theme sections, including TECH x INNO, Industrial Digitization, OUT OF THE BOX, E-sports Marketing, New Domestic Goods · New Scenario, Z Era · New Consumption, New Prospect of Consumption and Digital Change Business, focusing on China’s future business innovation and marketing reform. It attracted more than 70 representatives from the political, business, academic and research circles at home and abroad to gather in Shanghai to share the most front-line market insights and solutions, thereby discussing the way of effective marketing innovation.


Jiho Chen, co-founder of Shoplazza

At the Summit, Mr. Jiho Chen, the co-founder of Shoplazza, as the promoter of DTC Outrun Promoter, delivered a keynote speech on the source power of outrun Chinese brands, sharing the Shoplazza’s new attempts and successful experience in the field of brand outrunning.

As a former senior full link designer and branding expert of Baidu Internationalization, Mr. Jiho Chen boasts 10 years of design experience. He once served as brand planning director for products aiming at Europe, US, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions. He has a deep insight of outrun localization design, audience preferences in target countries and cultural differences in different countries. He has built many well-known domestic brands from scratch overseas, and is committed to making domestic brands grow into international brands. With years of outrun brand marketing experience, Mr. Jiho Chen serves as a judge at the first review meeting of Effie Greater China Marketing DTC at this Summit to select more excellent cases with great reference value for outrun Chinese brand.


Mr. Jiho Chen, co-founder of Shoplazza, delivers a keynote speech

Mr. Jiho Chen, co-founder of Shoplazza, said, “With the rapid rise of Chinese consumer brands, many brands have begun to choose to go global. Whether they go global actively for business expansion or passively for being “traffic-trapped”, they are actively expanding overseas markets. Therefore, 2021 is the “first year” for the explosive development of China’s cross-border business. At the same time, brand outrunning may lead to a certain “depression effect”. With the same investment, it is feasible to radiate the domestic market by building a best-selling overseas brand.

He also said, “In the overall environment with policy support and complete solutions, how to successfully go global is the key. With the mission of “Leading customers to achieve global business success through excellent technology”, Shoplazza further opens and improves the platform ecology, and drives cross-border development through technological links, thereby leading the globalization of commercial brands. Shoplazza is committed to helping Chinese brands establish emotional connections with overseas consumers and helping enterprises achieve global business success together with more global developers. We expect more brands to join us and go global with Shoplazza.”

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