Trauma To Triumph with Hypnotherapy: Renowned Chicago Hypnotherapist Shares Her ‘Living Proof’ Story

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Trauma To Triumph with Hypnotherapy: Renowned Chicago Hypnotherapist Shares Her ‘Living Proof’ Story

January 13
23:13 2022
Trauma To Triumph with Hypnotherapy: Renowned Chicago Hypnotherapist Shares Her ‘Living Proof’ Story
Sheila Swenson reveals her own journey to healing and happiness with hypnotherapy

With over 20 years in clinical and medical hypnotherapy and energy healing, Sheila Swenson has forged a stellar reputation for herself helping people harness the power of their subconscious to heal and create a happier life. Sheila Swenson is the founder of Greater Achievements Hypnotherapy, and over the years, she has curated a process called ‘The Swenson Method’ which utilizes a complex blend of advanced techniques to help people live a more fulfilled life. 

Whether teaching, working with clients, or even just a casual conversation about hypnotherapy, lights Sheila up. Her passion is so radiant that one can’t help but wonder why. Over the years, when asked how she came to do this work, she’s simply cited a “bad childhood” or the vague statement about looking for something that really clicked. She’s always hidden her past, refusing to be defined by it and determined to overcome it while breaking the cycle of abuse and creating a new life for herself. 

In “Living Proof”, she finally opens up in raw, visceral detail about the real reason she’s so passionate about hypnotherapy. She offers her own testimonial as proof of its profound and powerful efficacy and how it not only saved her life and helped her heal but inspired her to create a process by which she can also help others heal and take control of their lives. 

Her hope is to shatter limiting beliefs across the board of what can be healed, what the subconscious mind is capable of and how powerful hypnotherapy really is, far beyond basic habits. Rather, a tool that immediately and directly accesses and harnesses the immense power of the subconscious, hypnotherapy is just as powerful as the human mind. 

Like many of her clients, Sheila’s dark past began in childhood and ran through until her adult years. In “Living Proof”, Sheila talks about her parent’s divorce and the domestic violence that followed her mother marrying her stepfather shortly after as well as the devastating aftermath of growing up in such dire conditions. 

From the ages of 7-18, she suffered molestation and torture as her stepfather regularly hit and forced himself on her. Despite confiding in her mother, father and other family members, her words fell on deaf ears and despite her pleas for help, she received no protection or help from anyone, which resulted in intense feelings of despair, confusion, and fear. 

Despite growing up in a middle-class home, Sheila was personally living in poverty, not provided with the essentials, neither in clothing, school supplies nor in daily essentials. 

Like a twisted Cinderella story or a bad horror film, she lived in extremely strict conditions under constant scrutiny with outrageous punishments that included kneeling on rocks for 6 hours at a time and doing dishes in scalding hot water. Forced to cook, clean and do all the household tasks as well as raise her half-sister, who was 9 years younger. By the age of 15, she was dreaming of suicide and when her stepfather found out, his response was to dare her to go through with it so he could have the satisfaction of watching.

She decided at that moment that she’d never let him win…and he never did. In her own words, ‘‘I became a warrior that day, counting the days until my 18th birthday. That strength would get me through many years. First, I fought to survive. Then I fought to feel safe and whole and heal all the damage done. Growing up like that left profound and unimaginable scars on my body, mind, heart, and soul.” It would take her many years to heal, but heal she would. 

Battered and weary, she moved out at 18 to live with her biological father in an effort to get to know him and have a safe place to live. There, she began her healing journey and sought help. With no support system and no resources to work with, her only option was self-help. 

Sheila’s trials did not end there, however, as adulthood brought about a series of unfortunate traumatic events, trapping her in a tragic reality that seemed impossible to escape. As if the universe was conspiring against her no matter how hard she tried to do the right thing. 

For instance, Sheila experienced getting rear-ended at 50 mph while at a dead stop on the highway, being picked up by a stranger at an NYE party, and dropped on her head, leaving her with a concussion. There was the time a massive icicle came crashing down from a lamppost on the highway, shattering her windshield and nearly killing her. Walking across the street and getting hit by a truck, breaking her shoulder and knee and resulting in 6 months of physical therapy and a 3-year legal battle. Getting drugged and brutally raped while out one night with friends. 

Although Sheila made gradual progress from reading self-help books, it wasn’t until she discovered the game-changing effects of hypnotherapy that she really started to gain ground, bringing in the beauty of new life and allowing her to put past traumas behind her. That is when her true freedom began. 

Her new knowledge of the subconscious effect on personal growth and real empowerment sparked a passionate light inside of her. Not only was this method of healing extremely beneficial and effective but primarily unknown. From then on, Sheila had her mind set on presenting her work to those in need. 

She tells it all in her Living Proof story. Sheila’s profound determination and perseverance helped her curate “The Swenson Method” and brought the gift of this unique process to her clients. 

In her own words, Sheila said about the learning and studying of hypnosis and energy work: “Excited and impatient, I began practicing on myself, doing very advanced techniques to heal the deeper wounds underneath as well as integrate years of conscious level knowledge and study. With so much to do, I would spend days healing, resting on my days off. I’d start to get stronger, faster as I got more excited and inspired, shedding limiting belief after limiting belief. A whole world opened up for me. I would go on to hack my body and mind to lose weight, regrow my hair, clear my skin, heal broken bones and injuries faster, feeling safer, stronger, and more empowered along the way.’’ 

She started Greater Achievements to help others feel supported, validated, and overcome issues they never thought they could. Through her expertise, Sheila hopes to help people to overcome even the worst cases of trauma, anxiety, weight issues, depression, insomnia, fears, motivational issues, and bad relationships. She wants to show others with similar stories that happiness is obtainable through her practice.

“It was recommended that I go to Sheila Swenson for hypnotherapy to help me figure out why I had urges to gorge on food in the middle of the night especially when I wasn’t hungry. Within a few sessions, we resolved and cleared the issue. As an added bonus, I also discovered ways I was blocking healing in other areas of my life. We cleared that, too! I found Sheila very professional, intuitive, and highly effective. I strongly recommend her to those looking to heal themselves.” – Jane Doyle, Author of You Heal You. 

Greater Achievements Hypnotherapy is successful because of Sheila’s extraordinary skill. She is trained in Gestalt, Oncology, Rheumatology, Analgesia/Anaesthesia, and Ericksonian techniques, among others. She is also extensively trained in NLP, along with Chakra, Pranic, and many other energy healing models. According to Sheila Swenson, “My goal is to bring hypnotherapy out of the dark ages and into the era of neuroscience so that people can heal faster and easier.”

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