Spiritual Philosopher Claims “Everything is Perfect and Everything is Improving”

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Spiritual Philosopher Claims “Everything is Perfect and Everything is Improving”

October 24
20:27 2022

Read those words again, slowly, “Everything is Perfect and Everything is Improving” and ask yourself, could this be true? Your brain wants to reject it in light of hatred, war, and suffering. “Everything is Perfect and Everything is Improving” is a “Koan.” A Koan is a paradoxical riddle designed to, when meditated upon, invoke enlightenment. 

The “problem” with the traditional perspective on our world, our sciences, our religions, and ourselves is a “problem mindset.” As Max Plank, founder of Quantum Theory, said, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

We have approximately 10,000 religions, innumerable spiritual belief structures, and even more sciences and they all have this fatal flaw in common: the problem mindset. 

Who says sunshine is better than rain, more money is better than less money, and a life of ease is better than one with drama and trauma? The rain dancers, the happy poor, and those who have transformed through difficulties into positive world change agents would suggest that this universe exists with the “Yin Yang” duality that allows every blessing to be a curse and every curse to be a blessing.

The universe was created by and is governed by, a benevolent life-giving energy referred to here as DivineLove. DivineLove, known by many as “God”, transcends time, space, and matter, and yet this Energy also penetrates and permeates the universe and everything in it.So why is there so much “wrong” with our world?

The brilliant philosopher Epicurus (341-270 B.C.E.) suggested that this “God” cannot be both Great (all-powerful) and Good (all-loving), arguing that if he was both, all-powerful, and all-loving, he would remove all hatred, war and suffering. The error of the Epicurean Dilemma is the presupposition that this universe, this time/space experience, is the Divine Masterpiece, the best that God can do. 

This time/space experience is not the Divine Masterpiece but instead, it’s the Divine Master Plan en route to the Divine Masterpiece.


The terms enlightenment, awakening, and being born-again, refer to the moment when we accept that we are spiritual beings currently existing in this physical form and we choose to reconnect with DivineLove, through meditation and prayer. For love to be true all parties must freely choose to be in a loving relationship. When reconnected to DivineLove we overflow with Divine light, love, joy and peace. This abundance activates our purpose as DivineLove Ambassadors and we shine the light for others to find their way.

This universal time/space experience exists, with all its complex beauty and tragedy, for you, me, and all of us, to choose to experience, express, and extend DivineLove. This is the Divine Master Plan leading to the Divine Masterpiece. Everything is Perfect and Everything is Improving, including you. I invite you to SHINE!!


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