OPA – Oil Painters of America interviews contemporary artist Junzhong Zhao

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OPA – Oil Painters of America interviews contemporary artist Junzhong Zhao

November 24
14:51 2022

On November 22, 2022, the reporter of OPA – Oil Painters of America interviewed the famous contemporary artist Junzhong Zhao. The main reason why OPA – Oil Painters of America chose artist Junzhong Zhao for the interview is that the artist is firstly a member of OPA – Oil Painters of America, and then the artist’s works have been greatly appreciated by the leadership of the association, who think his works are very It is artistically speculative, and then conducts an investigation and interview on the art ecology of contemporary artists in the art industry. The content of the specific interview is described below.

1,OPA reporter asked:What is art to you?

Artist Junzhong Zhao replied: As an artist, art must not be a boring concept. It is my daily life, my lifelong “partner”, and the ultimate goal of a busy life.

Junzhong Zhao ‘s work title “Dome 19” Size 50×50cm Metal Surface Acrylic 2022

2.OPA reporter asked:What is your background? What was the experience that most influenced your work?

Artist Junzhong Zhao replied : I have loved art since I was a child. Although I have gone through ups and downs, I was lucky enough to step into the door of art, entered the art college, and engaged in art creation. The most influential thing in his career is the nine years of working in Chen Yifei’s studio. He studied deeply and fully understood the professional skills and artistic personality of his predecessors, which laid a solid foundation for his independent artistic creation. His big visual art concept has also been influencing my thinking mode of artistic creation, which has greatly broadened my artistic vision and pattern.

3, OPA reporter asked:What is the role of artists in society and contemporary art?

Artist Junzhong Zhao replied:  Bing contemporary art is the most avant-garde, avant-garde and experimental new art. Contemporary artists are people who practice and develop contemporary art. The role of an artist in society does not need to be exaggerated to be an indispensable leader, nor is it necessary to be humble enough to be a dispensable low-level existence. Artists are one of many common social occupations and one of the organic components of a complex and diverse society. Artists are the pioneers of the spiritual world of human beings, the spiritual linkers between individuals and between individuals and the world, and convey their ideology and social considerations to the world through their works.

Junzhong Zhao ‘s work title “Dome 17” Size 50×50cm Metal Surface Acrylic 2022

4. OPA reporter asked:What is your creative process like?

Artist Junzhong Zhao replied: My creative idea is to record the time of boring linear movement, and “still” the never-ending time on the screen in the form of creation. The form adopted is to repeatedly draw short lines on the screen, densely packed, layer upon layer, and there are no ups and downs in the process, only boring strokes.

Junzhong Zhao”Hidden 11″ 60x30cm, acrylique sur toile, 2021

5, OPA reporter asked: How do you feel when you see your work done?

Artist Junzhong Zhao replied: Due to the way I create, the focus of my work is the creation process—the endless time recording. Time has no end, so it is impossible to confirm what form is the final completion of the work. The work brought to the exhibition hall to face the audience is only a stage of display. When I return to the studio again, I may continue my record on this basis . For the rest of my life, I will remain in the process of creation without end.

Junzhong Zhao “Hidden 10” acrylic on canvas, size 300x200cm, creation year 2020

Artist Junzhong Zhao’s artistic resume in recent years

Junzhong Zhao ‘s artistic resume

Born in Qingzhou, Shandong in 1972;In 2010, he studied in the graduate class of the Basic Department of the School of Plastic Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing;In 2011, he studied in the training class of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing

International Art Association: Member of the American University Art Association, member of the American Oil Painting Society, member of the National Oil Painting and Acrylic Art Association, member of the Royal Society of Art, and member of the European Research Council

Exhibition experience:

solo exhibition

2022: Quietly Surging Time – Zhao Junzhong Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Kutz Art Center

2021 “Emerging” Zhao Junzhong Solo Exhibition Beijing Common Art Center

2017 “Unreal—Zhao Junzhong Works Exhibition”, Shanghai Meibo Art Center

2016 “Zhao Junzhong Oil Painting Exhibition”, Shanghai Garden

2015 “Status – Zhao Junzhong Oil Painting Exhibition”, Art Museum of Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute

2014 “Status – Zhao Junzhong Oil Painting Exhibition”, Yellow River Art Museum, Dongying, Shandong

2014 “Status – Zhao Junzhong Oil Painting Exhibition”, Today Art Museum, Beijing

Joint Exhibition:

2022 “London Contemporary 2022 – 4th Edition” art fair THE LINE Contemporary Art Space, London, UK

2022 Awakening Voice – Paris Contemporary Art Jury Exhibition, Galerie Francis Barlier, Paris, France

2022 LONDON OPEN ART London, UK The Holy Art Gallery

2022 Vogue 4th Edition Boomer Gallery, London, UK

2021 Boundaries? Contemporary Art Exhibition Shanghai Xinhua Center

2019 Foresight – Works Exhibition of Contemporary Famous Artists

2019 “Invisible and Unreal” Contemporary Art Exhibition

2018 “Encounters of Beauty” International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Yuhong Art Center

2018 Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up – Shandong Oil Painting Exhibition, Shandong Art Museum

In 2015, the 8th AAC art, ecology and observation tour exhibition in the United States

2014 The 8th AAC Art, Ecology, Observation Tour Exhibition Singapore Station

2014 “Multi-dimensional, Scattered Exploration in the Broken Era” – 2014 Young Artists Program

2014 “Transmutation” – Exhibition of Eight Works of the 17th Postgraduate Main Course Class of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts

2014 “Looking for the Blues” New Zealand Sketching Art Tour Exhibition”

In 2013, he graduated from the training class of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and participated in the “Phoenix China-Young Artists Program 2012-2013” painting exhibition in the same year

Artist Junzhong Zhao ‘s solo exhibition

Artist Junzhong Zhao ‘s solo exhibition

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