“Turn Towards Life’s Griefs With Hope” Is the Message in Claudette Eames’ New Book

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“Turn Towards Life’s Griefs With Hope” Is the Message in Claudette Eames’ New Book

December 02
00:30 2022
The author believes success is found in realizing one’s sense of worth.

Grief and sorrow are part and parcel of what life is about. Every successful person goes through grief on some level, but how they choose to handle that grief defines them. The Power of Leadership with Claudette Eames (now on Amazon) is the story of a widow who, having lost her husband, found hope in being grateful for her life and her family. By caring for those around her, she found a purpose that would make her late husband proud.

Claudette Eames is a certified CNA, CPR, and EOLD, born and raised in northern New Hampshire. Throughout her adult years, she worked in sales and marketing, which taught the many skills she uses in her current network marketing business. She’s also been a painting and wallpaper contractor for 25 years. After the death of her husband, Eames found herself in shambles; her life fell apart, and self-care was no longer a part of her life for the longest time. She explains how she later got herself out of that hole: “Fortunately, I took control with my faith and the knowledge that Jesse would be disappointed with me … I can’t be here for my family if I don’t care for myself. So, I took control.”

Eames realized that she had a family to take care of — besides herself — so she had to learn to love, care, and be there for herself before she could care for others. While doing so wasn’t an easy task, she found the drive through positively thinking her way through tough times. Part of being positive was being optimistic that things would go well, no matter what. With that in mind, growth is almost always a byproduct.

“Take your grief and share it. It’s all a part of the journey of healing and self-understanding. Growth will blossom along the way,” says Eames.

The Power of Leadership with Claudette Eames is a beautiful story of overcoming grief and finding purpose. Because no matter what life throws one’s way, the human spirit has what it takes to take control of grief and find a purpose that helps one blossom.

Cristina, an entrepreneur, and Eames’ daughter, happily shares her mother’s sense of commitment: “First off, Claudette Paulin Eames is my mom, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. As we grow from childhood to adulthood, we have so many choices to make, and our parents can only give us so much guidance. She has been there for me every step of the way, every hurdle. Even with everything she went through in her life, her love and support have never ceased. She has a natural beauty inside and out. She is true to who she is and isn’t afraid of adjusting to life’s many changes. Strong, capable, and loving, she’s a born leader and a go-getter. I am so blessed and proud to call her mom.”

Susan H. Hamm, an author, how Eames’ ability to care tremendously helped her family: “Claudette came into my life when I desperately needed help with my very sick husband. Tommy’s legs no longer supported him, and his mind was quite confused. I was physically and emotionally spent. Claudette was not only able to physically move him, but she talked to Tommy respectfully, which made him trust her to do whatever she needed to do. Claudette was both professional and trustworthy with Tommy, as I witnessed. Her care went above and beyond the call of duty as she spoke respectively and compassionately to me, a wife whose husband was terminally ill. Claudette is genuinely sincere, a woman of quality.”

The Power of Leadership with Claudette Eames is available on Amazon.

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