Illustrated Fable “Strawberry Fairchild and the Green Flame” by Author Alan Mark Train is Out Now on Amazon

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Illustrated Fable “Strawberry Fairchild and the Green Flame” by Author Alan Mark Train is Out Now on Amazon

February 04
02:36 2023
Author Alan Mark Train has published his illustrated fable “Strawberry Fairchild and the Green Flame” and it is now available for purchase at the Amazon online book store.

USA – Feb 03, 2023 – Fables are an important part of many cultures around the world. They teach values and morals, and can provide entertainment. They can also be used as a way to talk about important topics. People all over the world have tales that tell them about how to behave, how to think, and even how to live their lives. Fables are a long-standing form of storytelling that has had an incredible impact on society.

Alan Mark Train is a noted author who has brought out the fable “Strawberry Fairchild and the Green Flame”, an illustrated work that makes for a very enjoyable read. It is out now on Amazon!

This exquisite book is unlike anything one has ever seen or read. The plot is filled with poetry, mystery and fantastic characters. The illustrations in this work are nothing less than magical and the fable is packed with unexpected details. This is a fable appropriate for readers of any age group. It is endearing, delightful, and a little sad. It will make readers cry, but above all, emotionally connect to it.

Fables hold an immense amount of importance in human lives, both as entertainment and as tools for learning. These works can provide children with valuable insight into the world around them, and can help little ones learn about human behavior. Fables can also help them to understand important themes like perseverance and sacrifice, magic and loss. “Strawberry Fairchild and the Green Flame” is an important fable that comes with colorful illustrations and, as noted previously, can be enjoyed by both children and adult readers.

About Alan Mark Train

Alan Mark Train is a gifted author. His poetry, prose, and short stories have been published in literary journals like Slick Press and The Underground Rag Mag, as well as in the weekly entertainment publication Santa Cruz Good Times, where he placed first in a short story competition. His articles have been published online on Buzzle, Constant Content, and Associated Content.

Train graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in English and excelled at writing features for his high school newspaper there. He was born and raised in the Upper Midwest, just a little bit too late for the Sixties but then could not get over them. His day job as a software-focused technical writer makes use of the knowledge that he acquired while working for a while as a computer programmer.

His interests include reading, studying, and memorizing literature of various eminent literary personalities, be it Thomas Pynchon, James Joyce, Shakespeare, Chaucer or even Ian Fleming. An investigation conducted into a murder as seen from the viewpoint of a technical support engineer is the subject of his next work.

The author lives by the ocean in Santa Cruz, surrounded by the marine layer, fog, seabirds, seals, and nearby redwoods. He has written two books, The Psychedelic Slacker as well as Strawberry Fairchild and the Green Flame. The first is a coming-of-age novel whereas the other is a colorful illustrated fable that can be enjoyed even by adults. For more details and further enquiries, please visit the website


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Book Title: Strawberry Fairchild & The Green Flame

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