Building a Career in Sales: Lessons from Danny Leonard

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Building a Career in Sales: Lessons from Danny Leonard

March 07
10:57 2023

Danny Leonard is the Co-Founder of Ramped, a mission-driven technology company that is revolutionizing the job search. Leonard is a passionate leader who aims to make a positive impact on the world. He’s focused much of his attention on building sales and revenue teams. With over a decade of experience in building teams for growth companies, he has gained valuable insights into what it takes to succeed in sales.

For Danny, one of the most crucial lessons in sales is finding a style and system that works for you. He believes that every salesperson has their unique approach, and it’s essential to find what works best for you to stay motivated and achieve success in your career. Additionally, he emphasizes that having fun along the way is crucial to succeeding in any sales journey.

Next, Leonard also believes that failure is an inevitable part of the sales process, but it’s essential to learn from your failures and use them as an opportunity for growth. “In sales, you’re going to fail way way more times than you succeed,” he says. “Make sure to treat every failure as a learning opportunity, and more importantly don’t beat yourself up for failing. It’s easy to be hard on yourself for missing a deal or not being at your best during a demo. Give yourself some grace, and instead of going negative, write down one thing that you learned and one thing that went well for each failure. You’re going to become a better salesperson in the long run.”

Finally, Danny encourages salespeople to be proactive in seeking new challenges to push themselves out of their comfort zones. According to him, the most successful salespeople are those who are always willing to take on new challenges, grow and develop their skills.

Danny Leonard’s experience in building successful revenue teams has taught him valuable lessons on building a career in sales. With his positive outlook and emphasis on personal growth, Danny is a leader worth following for anyone looking to succeed in the field.

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