Renowned Travel resource Island Hopper TV Shines light on UNESCO World Heritage Petra and Wadi Rum

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Renowned Travel resource Island Hopper TV Shines light on UNESCO World Heritage Petra and Wadi Rum

March 09
23:01 2023

The travel website helps families plan their next trip to the area.

Since the pandemic-induced lockdown ended, global travellers are constantly on the lookout for destinations they can explore with their families. However, this can be overwhelming, especially if they have no background in new places. This is where renowned world travel website Island Hopper Tv has made a name for itself in educating its followers. The popular travel channel hosted by founder Jay recently embarked on an awe-inspiring journey to the ancient city of Petra and the breathtaking Wadi Rum in Jordan.

In the video released on the YouTube channel, he shared with his follower’s different aspects that make it so special that it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He gave a rundown about the history of the Nabataeans who carved into the rock cliffs in the Jordanian desert to create the human marvel. 

Speaking on the occasion, the passionate travel guide said, “The travel monologue was one of the most requested on the show and one I had been very excited about. As a fan of Lawrence of Arabia, I always wanted to experience firsthand the beautiful landscape that he had explored a hundred or so years ago. Walking around the area of Petra and learning about the Nabatean people who assisted caravans through the harsh desert climates was a great experience. Both destinations were unforgettable, and sharing my experience with my followers made it extra special.”

Viewers got to see the intricate architecture, marketplaces, ancient treasury, statues, and the food they must try when they come to petra and wadi rum in the future. From Petra, he travelled to the Wadi Rum to experience the Bedouin lifestyle by staying with a local family. The tranquillity of the desert left him feeling at peace and something he felt his audience must experience when they visit Jordan.

He went on to add, “The Nabataean chiselled out the rock using a technology similar to what the Egyptians used to carve the granite stones on the pyramids. This alone showed the remarkable civilization that flourished here. The place was where east met west, and it was the intersection of various trade routes, the Silk Road, the incense trail, and the spice trade. By facilitating caravan travel through the desert area, the Nabataean people became quite wealthy.

People interested in reading the travel blog or watching the whole video can visit his YouTube page today:

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