Preacher Davonte Fennell Urges the Public to Be Frugal and Put God First for Financial Stability

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Preacher Davonte Fennell Urges the Public to Be Frugal and Put God First for Financial Stability

March 16
16:33 2023
Davonte Fennell, a well-known speaker and preacher, has recently sparked more attention on Twitter with his thoughts on the economic recession.

In a recent interview, Fennell stated that despite prices going up people will continue to spend money they do not have in order to satisfy the flesh.  People should be saving money in order to survive the upcoming events but most people do the opposite of saving but those same people end up blaming the government when things don’t go according to plan. We all know the government is corrupt but GOD already explained the exact corruption in the Bible. GOD also gave us a brain to use, therefore people should want to prepare for the bad times to come but most want to pretend like nothing will happen. We are definitely living in the end times with everything going on but I strongly advise listeners to prepare and think about the kids before anything else.

He went on to say  “I want people to remember this next message I’m about to say… If you finance expensive things without the money in the bank at once to cover those things if something happens, it means you can’t actually afford to finance those things at all in reality,” Fennell stated. “Learn to be more frugal and understanding with the money you have knowing the money spent on financing new cars and other things could be money saved in the bank for the children’s future or for emergency expenses compared to it being taken out the bank each month to pay on a car you could have bought used considering most cars lose value fairly quick as the years go on.

Fennell is known for his inspiring messages and his focus on God and family. He encourages his followers to stay humble and true to themselves, and to follow more of his topics on Twitter.

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