Influencer Economy Alliance (IEA) announced the Influencer Economy Forum will be held on April 2nd, 2023

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Influencer Economy Alliance (IEA) announced the Influencer Economy Forum will be held on April 2nd, 2023

March 17
01:57 2023

President Guang Lin, US Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce

Recently, the newly established Influencer Economy Alliance (IEA) announced the Influencer Economy Forum will be held on April 2nd, 2023. 


Kimberly Holland, a Hollywood documentary producer and George W. Bush

The honorable chairman of the Influencer Economy Alliance is Kimberly Holland, a Hollywood documentary producer. The chairman is Guang Lin, a Chinese American businessman in Los Angeles, also the president of a General Chamber of Commerce, announced the first semi-annual Influencer Economy Forum is going to be held in San Gabriel Sheraton Hotel in Los Angeles County.

Chairman Guang Lin said that Influencer Economy is the next trend of the World and American Economy. In the context of the global economy being mired in inflation and a downturn, live-streaming broadcasts and short video sales by Influencer and amateur anchors are undoubtedly one of the most important ways to break through this predicament.

To keep up with the market trends, the forum on April 2nd will feature the ceremony for the establishment of the Influencer Economy Alliance. Several hundreds of North American mysterious Influencers with over ten million fans, Influencer with millions of fans, and with hundreds of thousands of fans will make a stunning appearance. Achieved amateur anchors are also actively participating. At the same time, experienced Influencer and MCNs will hold forums on the current situation and development trends of internet celebrity economy, live broadcasting, and merchandise sales, making the development of the internet celebrity economy more professional, standardized, scaled, and continuously innovating, promoting the internet celebrity economy to be the new norms of the economy and society.

The Influencer Economy Alliance integrates and condenses three major elements: active Influencer and high-quality MCNs, suitable brand and product providers, and competitive

logistics systems networked with overseas warehouses. The three resources build a complete industrial chain and form a closed-loop ecosystem. Connecting with powerful internet platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Meta, TikTok, Uplive, and Bigo Live, it will form a driving force for the next wave of economic growth.

Guang Lin and Kimberly Holland said that in order to promote the healthy development of the Influencer economy, the Influencer Economy Alliance has also established the Bemy Award to honor the Influencers. Michael Green, the founder of the Grammy Awards, has been invited as a consultant, and the Olympia Awards, a world-renowned art award, have recommended and supported the creation of the Influencer industry’s largest and most influential brand award to benchmark the Oscars.

On March 5th, more than a dozen of MCN companies joined the IEA, and the Chinese American MCN companies have been very active so far at the beginning of the establishment of IEA. The founder of Master TV MCN, Wang Zi, the founder of Keppi, Christine Xu, and the general manager of Weiju Fanxing, Guo Xulin; the COO of Easyfind, Yuzhou Wu, and others all highlighted the opportunity of Influencer promoting product sales.

The Influencer Economy cannot be established without every link in the supply chain. It was reported that domestic American brands, including top products, will all join this newly formed Alliance. At the same time, international e-commerce companies can promote products suitable for the influencer economy in the United States without leaving the country, and let the Influencer within the platform to help with sales to promote the sustainable development of world economy and international trade.

Influencer Economy Alliance, a non-profit organization, announced to be registered by the California government recently. The alliance will be composed of Influencer MCNs, product and brand providers, including both domestic and cross-border e-commerce companies from both United States and International aspects, non-product manufacturers in the service industry, logistics, and overseas warehouses. Products can be sold by Influencer directly through live streaming and short videos on internet platforms. Service industries, logistics, and overseas warehouses can be promoted by Influencer through live advertising and short videos on internet platforms, including forming a closed-loop ecosystem, creating a huge market space, empowering the Influencer economy, and injecting powerful impetus into the sustained development of the US International Trade and the world economy.

The organizers of this forum are the four major youth student associations: U.S. Southwestern Chinese Students and Scholars Association (SWCSSA), US Overseas Student Union (USOSU), Youth Committee of the US ZGCC and Chinese Union (CU). Please contact the following email address: [email protected] for registration and other matters!

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