Organize Any Breaker Box Easier Than Ever Before

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Organize Any Breaker Box Easier Than Ever Before

March 29
18:22 2023
Do you know where your breakers go?

Akron, OH – Organize Any Breaker Box Easier Than Ever Before

Have you ever needed to use your electrical breaker box panel to turn off a breaker, only to find that the breaker labels were missing, wrong, messy, hard to follow, or incomplete at best? The box panel label area is usually pretty small and can only accommodate very short or abbreviated information for each breaker. Unless the person who made the breaker labels is a creative genius with good penmanship, you might have a disorganized disaster there. This is what we are hoping to fix – a simple problem with a simple solution. We are looking to create a website (with mobile device support) that quickly and easily allows you to organize your breaker box breaker information by allowing you to type in full, complete descriptions of exactly where (or what) each breaker goes to and then neatly displaying that information online.  You will also be able to edit/add to the online breaker label information if you remodel/renovate, or even discover the breakers also go someplace else.  The resulting web page can be printed out and included with the breaker panel labels for later reference.  We are going to include a QR code (the little speckled square bar code like cube) on each electrical box online page to cut out and place with the breaker box panel so maintenance/contract workers can access the complete breaker label information quickly on their cell phone or tablet, saving time and possibly money, as well as increased safety.

We have a low goal amount for the very specific purpose of mostly covering just basic website hosting for three years (hopefully this hosting will be powerful enough and a long enough time period for the site to become fully sustainable). Currently, we are looking at making this website a completely free service. For future sustainability past the initial 3 years of hosting, we will maybe include minimal advertisements, sponsorships, and/or use other revenue generating ideas along the way.  Obviously, there is a lot more time, energy, and resources needed in creating and maintaining this project beyond the initial monetary amount requested for basic hosting; however, this campaign/project is more about if a convenient, thorough way to organize breaker boxes should exist in our world or not. Your support will be the defining factor!  The more support we have, the more features and functionality we can include, along with better hosting.

Other uses: We have already been working on the initial feasibility of creating the project on a developmental server environment and noticed that our breaker box pages can also be used for vehicle fuse boxes, honey-do lists, regular to-do lists, grocery lists, workout routines, movie/tv/song lists, and more! (who knew it could be so versatile)

Tip of the day: We feel there should also be a warning somewhere about breaker boxes: Electrical breaker panels contain high voltage electricity and should NEVER EVER be played with. Failure to recognize potential hazards could result in electric shock or even death. If you are uncomfortable, or unfamiliar, with using an electrical breaker box, please find (or hire) a qualified, capable person to help. When correctly installed and maintained, electrical breaker panels should be relatively safe if used properly and carefully.

Risks and challenges: Currently, long term hosting and support appears to be the biggest challenge. All endeavors similar to this project should have some sort of self-sustaining structure in mind from the outset, and we believe that well within the initial three years there will be enough revenue coming in from minimal advertisement and other means to sustain the website as a free service. Website traffic is also a concern, as too much traffic at once (while a somewhat good problem to have), can crush a website if not enough is invested in the host servers. We will remain as flexible as possible in our approach to try to overcome the future unknowns.

To learn more about the status of this project or to support the cause, please visit: or

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