The Top Sectors Utilizing Press Release Services: A Data-Driven Analysis Released by

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The Top Sectors Utilizing Press Release Services: A Data-Driven Analysis Released by

March 29
18:32 2023

Press releases have long been an essential tool in the world of public relations and communication. Organizations across various sectors leverage press release services to disseminate their news, updates, and announcements to a wider audience. One of the top press release companies in the world, has researched the most popular sectors, frequently using press release services backed by data and reputable sources.


The technology sector is undoubtedly one of the largest users of press release services. As per the Global Newswire report from 2021, around 30% of their total press release distribution was for technology companies (source: Global Newswire). This can be attributed to the ever-evolving nature of the industry, with new products, services, and innovations being launched almost daily.


Healthcare is another industry that relies heavily on press release services. A study by PR Newswire in 2021 showed that approximately 20% of their press releases were from the healthcare sector (source: PR Newswire). These press releases are often centered around announcements of new treatments, medical devices, research findings, and partnerships.


The finance sector, including banking, investment, and insurance services, is another prominent user of press release services. According to Business Wire’s data from 2021, 17% of the press releases distributed by their platform were related to finance (source: Business Wire). This sector frequently releases statements on earnings, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory updates.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods companies use press release services to announce new products, partnerships, and financial results. In 2021, Cision reported that 12% of their press releases were related to the consumer goods sector (source: Cision). As the industry is highly competitive, businesses use press releases to maintain visibility and share vital information with their target audience.


The energy sector, encompassing oil and gas, renewables, and utilities, is another significant user of press release services. Data from Marketwired in 2021 revealed that around 10% of their press releases were from the energy sector (source: Marketwired). Press releases in this sector often cover project updates, technological advancements, and financial performance.

Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations frequently utilize press release services to share their initiatives, fundraising events, and partnerships. A report by PR Web in 2021 found that 8% of their press releases were from non-profit organizations (source: PR Web). These organizations use press releases to raise awareness, garner support, and publicize their work.

Press release services from reliable press release companies like are vital in helping organizations across various sectors communicate their news and announcements to a broader audience. As evident from the data, technology, healthcare, finance, consumer goods, energy, and non-profit sectors are the most popular users of these services. By leveraging press releases, these sectors can effectively manage their public relations efforts and maintain their presence in the market.

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