Trask Insights: The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Business

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Trask Insights: The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Business

September 19
06:42 2023
A global leader in IT solutions recently shared insights on the growing influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the business landscape. John T. Weisel, North American Leader at Trask, emphasized AI’s potential to drive shareholder value, enhance efficiency, and reshape industries. The commentary delves into AI’s evolution, its impact on the workforce, the importance of effective governance, and the promise of substantial returns on AI investments.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been at the forefront of technological advancements, capturing significant media attention in recent years. Trask, a global IT solutions leader, delves deep into the implications of AI for businesses, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize industries.

In a recent commentary, John T. Weisel, North American Leader at Trask, highlights the rapid evolution of AI and its transformative power. AI’s journey has been remarkable, from its conceptual origins centuries ago to its exponential growth in the past three decades.

Weisel points out that while AI’s integration into business is an ultra-marathon and not a sprint, its potential to drive shareholder value through improved efficiency, enhanced experiences, and increased business velocity is undeniable.

Key Insights from the Commentary:

–  AI’s adoption has been accelerating, with its potential to create unparalleled business value at an acceptable level of investment and risk.

–  The workforce model will evolve with AI, but human roles will only be partially replaced.

–  Effective governance and oversight are crucial for successful AI adoption.

–  The initial technology costs might increase, but the returns on investment promise to be substantial if AI adoption is executed effectively.

–  Organizations must align AI strategies with their business plans, ensuring effective governance and active engagement from the board and management.

He emphasizes the importance of understanding AI-enabled solutions’ business and technical requirements. He suggests that while many third parties claim the perfect AI solution, the path to successful AI adoption is complex and requires the right technical skills and integration capabilities.

For more insights and a deeper understanding of AI’s role in the future of business, individuals can explore the full commentary on Trask’s website.

About Trask:

Trask is a global IT service company specializing in comprehensive IT solutions. With a focus on technological innovation with long-term value, Trask has been at the forefront of accelerating digital transformation across various industries. Headquartered in Prague, the company has a global presence with offices in Europe and North America.

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