Ear Wax Affects Hearing But Simple Solutions Exist

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Ear Wax Affects Hearing But Simple Solutions Exist

October 03
15:44 2023
Ear Wax Affects Hearing But Simple Solutions Exist
No one really enjoys cleaning their own ears. It can be messy and time-consuming. It also can be dangerous as if prodding an ear too deeply can puncture or damage the ear drum. Painful experiences can be had when cleaning one’s own ears, and unfortunately, the ear still can remain clogged.

Thorough professional cleaning is available in Singapore, using the latest non-invasive methods, that do produce an absolutely clear ear free of wax buildup. Some Singaporeans experience very little buildup, but for others, ear wax removal is needed constantly. Ear wax can differentiate in color from yellowish, to brown to black even.

Those that suffer a lot of buildups can experience infections, earaches, temporary hearing loss, and a feeling of fullness in the ear. Professional cleaning of the ear canals by an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) physician brings the immediate relief needed and the relief can last for months.

Some cases are so severe that vertigo, dizziness, ear discharge, and a foul odor from the ear can occur, which of course needs to be dealt with by a professional. Ear canals are deeper than most individuals realize and with significant buildup, there is no way to remove the wax thoroughly without professional help.

Dr. Leslie Koh is a board-certified ENT physician with decades of experience, and he has perfected the practice of safe and painless ear wax removal no matter how clogged a patient’s ear may be.

Dr. Koh does focus on getting to know a patient and the audiology problems they may encounter. With ear wax removal, the safest methods which are also the most cost-effective are always chosen. This relieves patients of the discomfort caused by ear was but also is easy on their finances.

Two convenient locations exist and booking is simple right from the website that Dr. Koh provides. Many individuals do not realize how much hearing loss they have been experiencing until they have a professional ear wax cleaning. The results in hearing ability are truly remarkable. Those who already use hearing aids definitely should have a professional ear wax removal in Singapore, as hearing aids can be ill-fitting when too much wax clogs the ear canal.

Dr. Koh not only treats the ear problem but provides a blog that is chockful of knowledge about causes of ear wax buildup, as well as how to keep basic hygiene in ears to prevent further buildup. Ear drops and other methods of hygiene are shared by Dr, Koh, at both sites in Singapore.

A routine of professional care, with at-home basics is the best approach and one Dr.Koh is passionate about. Keeping ears clean to perfection is shown to enhance health and well-being and prevent hearing loss and other deleterious effects.

Ear wax removal in Singapore is now affordable and obtainable quickly due to the efforts of Dr. Koh. Singaporeans now have this service available to them and are flocking to Dr. Koh and his locations.

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