Experience the Adventures of Willie and the Magical Time-Traveling Locket Coming April 2024

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Experience the Adventures of Willie and the Magical Time-Traveling Locket Coming April 2024

February 22
18:38 2024
Get ready to embark on a journey through time with the enchanting new book series, Willie and the Magical Time-Traveling Locket, scheduled for release in April 2024 under the label SpecialEditions.ink.

Written by acclaimed author and award-winning graphic designer Paula Bartell Slavens, this whimsical tale combines factual records with a touch of magic to ignite a newfound passion for history in readers of all ages.

Slavens’ artistic talents shine through the book’s illustrations, where she transforms vintage black and white photographs into stunning watercolors, then adds a sprinkle of magic dust to make each page a unique piece of art.

Studying history will never be as engaging or memorable as this.

“History lovers and adventurers alike will be captivated by Willie—an adorable, precocious dog—whose unexpected whirlwind trip lands him in Egypt one hundred years ago. His thoughts become the narration for the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, which are enhanced by his extensive knowledge gained by watching The History Channel—his favorite television programming.” Says author Paula Bartell Slavens.

Through Willie’s palpable excitement and infectious sense of humor, readers are transported to a world where history comes alive with his endearing thoughts and antics. At the same time, we are immersed in a learning experience that is fun and entertaining.

No more boring history when Willie is in the picture—and he is. Even if he’s a tiny speck, readers can find Willie in each magic-dust image, adding a Where’s Waldo element to further enhance the experience.

“I’ve written family memoirs and company histories for most of my career and what appealed to my clients the most was doing what this book series offers,” says Slavens.

“When we had old letters, news clippings, or recollections from family members, we wove that information into historical and social history research. Words on faded paper evolved into a story that created a vivid image of that time and place. Readers suddenly felt connected to that bygone world with its sights, sounds, smells, and heartfelt emotions.”

This book series will be a gift to educators, parents, and readers from all walks of life. However, taking on a monumental project like this requires much more than creative genius and hard work.

“I need help to bring this series to life.”

Slavens plans to issue a new release three times a year that delves into historical events as well as historical figures. In addition to the storybooks, Slavens’ series will include three levels of activity books that reinforce what’s learned while improving skills. Each set will also include an audiobook to help young readers.

To fund the printing, cost of image licenses, and development costs, Slavens accepts pledges from history lovers who share her passion for storytelling and art. With each pledge, supporters not only help bring Willie and the Magical Time-Traveling Locket to fruition but will also receive unique rewards for their contributions.

“I believe that every aspect of the project, from the storytelling to the activities, should reflect the magic and wonder of history,” says Slavens. “By pledging your support, you’ll help instill a new-found passion for history in readers of all ages.”

Fundraising for Willie and the Magical Time-Traveling Locket begins today and will continue until March 19, 2024, through the Kickstarter platform. History lovers and supporters of the arts are encouraged to visit the project’s website at SpecialEditions.ink to review the book and learn about the pledges. You may also go directly to the Kickstarter webpage.


“Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this extraordinary journey,” urges Slavens. “Together, we can make history come to alive in the most magical way!”


Paula Bartell Slavens is an accomplished author and artist with a passion for storytelling and history. With over 23 years of experience in writing family memoirs and company histories, Slavens brings a unique blend of fact and fiction to her creative endeavors. Willie and the Magical Time-Traveling Locket is her latest project, inspired by her love of history and art.

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