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June 20
14:21 2024

Hanoi, VietNam – SUNHOUSE has just announced its latest breakthrough product: SUNHOUSE oil-free fryer. This product is designed to meet the growing demand for healthier cooking alternatives without compromising on taste or convenience. SUNHOUSE Air Fryer promises to deliver flavors new for meals. SUNHOUSE oil-free fryer is a kitchen product that brings convenience to housewives and great health benefits. With up to 80% less oil consumption, flexible cooking options, and time-saving convenience, this innovative appliance is considered the best assistant that every kitchen should have.

“SUNHOUSE is committed to bringing the best cooking experiences to customers. SUNHOUSE oil-free fryer combines groundbreaking technology, convenience and luxurious design, making it the ideal companion for Housewives to freely create delicious dishes while still ensuring the health of the family.” – SUNHOUSE representative shared.

Luxurious, Classy Design

SUNHOUSE focuses not only on features but also on the luxurious and sophisticated design of the oil-free fryer. High-quality stainless steel exterior combined with a modern control screen creates a product that harmonizes convenience and trendy beauty. SUNHOUSE oil-free fryer will definitely be the center of attraction in your modern kitchen space.

Reduce oil consumption, and improve health

SUNHOUSE oil-free fryer has the ability to reduce oil consumption by up to 80%, bringing significant benefits to consumers’ health. The SUNHOUSE team has researched this advanced, innovative air frying technology that allows food to be perfectly cooked with minimal oil or even without oil. This feature not only provides visually appealing dishes but also promotes cholesterol-free eating habits.

Many cooking methods

In addition to the traditional frying function, SUNHOUSE oil-free fryer also has many cooking functions such as defrosting, baking cakes, grilling meat, making flan, etc.,…

Saves cooking time and doesn’t smell of oil

Using the SUNHOUSE oil-free fryer, housewives will no longer have to stand next to a hot stove to deep-fry. The feeling of being hot and splashing oil while frying is something no housewife likes. Therefore, this SUNHOUSE fryer helps simplify the cooking process, saves cooking time, no need to stand at the stove, and helps keep the kitchen free from the smell of oil. Simply marinate the ingredients, place them in the fryer, select the desired cooking mode and let the device work its magic.

The fryer is easy to clean and maintain

SUNHOUSE oil-free fryer is designed with an extremely easy removable structure. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining the fryer is equally simple. The fryer’s parts are detachable and easy to clean.

Preserves the natural flavor of the dish

The most prominent feature of the SUNHOUSE oil-free fryer is its unique hot air convection technology, allowing food to be cooked perfectly thanks to the continuous circulation of hot air flow. Unlike traditional frying methods, the SUNHOUSE oil-free fryer always retains the natural flavor and aroma of the food ingredients when operating. This helps the dish add flavor and retain its unique identity.


SUNHOUSE is a leading company in the field of kitchen equipment in Vietnam. The SUNHOUSE brand has consistently provided premium products that harmoniously combine quality, performance and value, setting new standards in the kitchen appliance industry. SUNHOUSE has constantly pursued customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of its services. By providing consumers with advanced kitchen solutions suitable for modern lifestyles, SUNHOUSE will always strive to bring value to the industry as well as become a powerful assistant for Vietnamese housewives.

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